Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Wedding Photos Done Right


Its important to have a competent professional taking pictures on your wedding day. The last thing that you want or need is to have pictures that are out of focus or where the object of the photo is blurry. Therefore, you need to know how to find the best photographer who can take the most important photographs of your life.

Look for Someone With Experience

The person who you pick to take your wedding photos should have experience in the field of photography. Whether you decide to go with your best friend or someone who charges $200 an hour to take pictures, you need someone who has taken great pictures in the past. To make sure that your photographer has relevant experience, you should ask to see a portfolio of previous work.

Find Someone Who Is Reliable

You need to find someone who is reliable and who you can count on to be there on your big day. There have been countless stories in the past of photographers who didn't show up for the wedding, showed up late or didn't provide the photos after the wedding. When you are paying hundreds of dollars for a photographer, you don't want to pay for someone who is not going to deliver what you thought you were going to get for your money.

Have Complete Control Over Selecting Your Photos

You should be able to have complete control over the look of your photos before they are printed and sent to you. At the very least, you should be given a digital copy of your pictures that you can edit on your own until they look exactly how you think that they should look. This makes it easier to send photos to family and friends or post photos that you can be proud of to your Facebook or other social media profiles.

Visiting sites such as snapknot.com and using companies such as SnapKnot can make it easier to find a great photographer for your big day. When you get your photos back after your wedding, you should have nothing other than a big smile on your face.
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  1. There was a point in my life when taking photos during events made my heart sing! Now I am less passionate hahaha. One day the hubby and I plan to get married in a church ceremony. I will make sure to find the best photograper. Thanks for sharing this!: )

    P.S. miss youuuuuuu!!!!!