Saturday, May 24, 2014

Buying Properties In South America

United States citizens that have spare money often choose to purchase real estate in Central America and South America. Many U.S. residents buy vacation homes in beautiful oceanfront communities that offer privacy, tranquility and recreation. Ecuador is considered to be a hidden real estate gem of South America. 

First of all, this country has hundreds of miles of smooth coast along the Pacific Ocean. There aren't any barrier islands that are vulnerable to flooding and other damage from hurricanes. In fact, most of the coastline of Ecuador is elevated above sea level. Therefore, many of the waterfront homes actually overlook the beautiful beaches of the Pacific Ocean.

Buying Real Estate in Ecuador is an example of investing money in South American vacation homes. Buyers can expect to have plenty of luxurious amenities in oceanfront homes of Ecuador. For example, there may be inground and indoor swimming pools available with large decks overlooking the beach. Architectural styles vary from Spanish missionary to rustic and contemporary. Security is another major feature of oceanfront homes in Ecuador. For example, homes may be part of gated communities that are patrolled by security guards.

U.S. investors that are interested in buying properties in Ecuador can schedule showings through official websites operated by real estate brokers licensed to do business in South America. Clients can expect to communicate with English speaking agents that are very knowledgeable about Ecuador. In a matter of hours, U.S. investors can end up in Ecuador and start looking at real estate.
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  1. One sweet day I wish I could travel to the US and build a home there too: )