Thursday, March 06, 2014

Photography Classes are a Shortcut to Taking Great Pictures

Whether you are a hobbyist who wants to take better family photos or someone with an eye on a job in photography with the goal of becoming a world-class artist with the camera, the best way to start would be to take a comprehensive photography class. Begin at the beginning with guidance from a professional.

Trial and error is not always the best way to learn something as complex and multi-faceted as photography. Learning the essentials of lighting, the use of different flashes and lenses, and the basics of how a camera works can go a long way to help you create better images.

Most cities have some form of photography courses available to the general public, so you will not have to sign up for a complete degree program. There also are digital photography courses available online. Some places offer both, such as JP Color’s photography classes for beginners.

These classes will teach you such basics as exposure, shutter speed, and aperture, which is already well beyond what is needed in today's point-and-shoot camera phone culture. You will learn about the parts of a camera, the different lenses, the effects of lighting, and how to use these factors to best frame a photograph. Then there are the different shooting modes, including automatic, programmed automatic, manual, and shutter and aperture priority.

Taking photos in bright daylight, in situations with overcast skies, or at night all require different techniques. Then you can go indoors and face all the different lighting conditions you may find there.
Different situations will require knowledge of the factors that will result in the best photographs. In photo classes for beginners, you can learn to use the camera properly to make the most of weddings, sporting events, natural environments, and landscapes. Getting up close and personal with a butterfly requires knowledge of different techniques than taking an aerial view of the Grand Canyon.

In courses like the ones at JP Color’s, you will get the opportunity to practice what you learn under the guidance of knowledgeable professionals. They can give you shortcuts and tips that will help you take the best advantage of existing conditions and get the pictures right the first time you shoot them.
With the advent of digital photography, knowledge of computers and image software has become as much a requirement as knowing what lens to use. Again, getting help and guidance from professionals who have already dealt with various software programs currently available can save the photographer who is new to this a lot of time, money, and experimentation.

Following photo classes, courses normally break out into various specialties for specific kinds of photography. Theses could include outdoor and natural photography, wedding photography, sports and portrait photography.

Once you learn the basics, you will be more able to select the type of photography you may wish to specialize in. The science and art of photography, though, is best opened up to you with the help of the professional tutorials you will get from a photography class.

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This article was written by Laurie Maltos
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  1. I have to say that you are my most favourite nature photographer, Beth. not because you are my friend or for the sake of patronizing you but you are really doing an awesome, awesome job in photography. para akong sirang plaka but all of your photos (and now vidoes too) are National Geographic worthy.

  2. always love what you post and of cource your love of nature is great....

  3. Your photos Betchai are so naturally beautiful... always in raw form and so rich with Creation's innate grandeur! Psst sometimes I still can't believe I already met you in person... so blessed to be your friend. Love yah...

  4. When can I ever learn to take good, decent picture like you do, Ate Betchai? Sigh! I am so blessed to have known you virtually and hopefully one day, our paths will cross, God willing! :-)