Monday, March 17, 2014

Fond Memories of DJ

Do you have fond memories of a DJ? Well, I actually am simply reminiscing the good old days, where Mr. DJ was very popular.  It seemed,  there was Mr. DJ everywhere, and everyone was asking for a request.  Because of a DJ's spontaneity,  parties and events hire DJ's to add fun to a party and  assure smooth interaction among guests. Some are really professional DJ's, while others are part time DJs doing the gig more for fun, and if course,  for extra income too while having the most fun. 3 of my friends actually love doing part time DJ's in addition to their full time work. Sometimes, I see their gigs as they share it on Facebook. Watching them enjoying "DJing" if there is such a term brings me joyful memories when we were still in college. We actually love DJing, though my other 3 friends are more natural than me, haha! Nevertheless, I too back then would not say "no" if I was asked to be the "emcee" of a program, or to act as "DJ" in one of the events. Back then, I did not have to worry about having my own audio 2 dj native instruments because all instruments were provided by the program manager. All I prepared back then was how to make the program more lively. I wonder if I pursued DJing like my other friends, if I would have developed into one very fine DJ like them as well. 
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1 comment:

  1. Hmmmm I think you would have developed into one great DJ! By the way you already are one great DJ - playing "nature " songs! Yeah right? Love yah!: )