Friday, February 07, 2014

Four Tips For City Dwellers Trying To Get Fit In The Winter


When there seems to be a new monstrous winter storm happening every week (and winters do get notoriously bad in major cities), it can be easy to forget that winter won’t be around forever.  Before we know it the temperatures will rise and it’ll be spring again, and that means that it’ll be time to enjoy going out and in the city again.  It’s safe to assume that many of the people that are reading this post made a new year’s resolution to get in shape and slim down before the winter is over.  A few of you may be close to your goal, but many of you are probably a little disappointed over your fitness progress.

If you’re trying to lose weight and get in shape, you’ve probably had people suggest that you pick up a gym membership.  Gym memberships can be pretty affordable in the suburbs, but when you live in a city with a high cost of living that’s easier said than done.  You also probably aren’t too excited about the prospect of going jogging on some of the slippery and poor maintained sidewalks in your neighborhood.  Your fitness quest may be difficult, but it isn’t impossible.  If you live in a city and want to lose some weight before the weather gets nicer, follow these tips.

Re-think your public transit options.

Nobody is exactly eager to shell out cash for a cab or a bus, but when you live in a city you can get pretty reliant on public transportation.  If you want to lose some weight and save some money, consider making your feet your main mode of transportation.  Nobody is expecting you to take an hour to walk to work when you could get there on the subway in 15 minutes, but there are some places that are within walking distance of your home.  Walking can be excellent exercise, and in the winter months you won’t have to worry about breaking out in a sweat before you get somewhere.

Check out your local farmer’s markets

Getting active can help you lose weight, but you also need to make sure that you’re practicing good eating habits.  Try to start eating at home and cooking more.

Farmer’s markets aren’t just for the suburbs anymore, plenty of farmers have been taking their goods to your city for years.  Urban farms are also becoming more common, so your city is full of people who want you to buy their fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy, and meat. 

Find one workout you can do at home

Some people may not believe it, but it is possible to work out in your own home.  If you don’t want to buy a gym membership, pick one great fat burning and toning work out you can do in your home.  Whether that involves getting a yoga mat and a few DVDs or buying a treadmill or an elliptical, find one good work out you’ll be able to regardless of how cold or crowded it is outside.  And why we’re on the topic of working out at home…

Find a one-on-one trainer that makes house calls

If you’re trying to lose weight and feel a little self conscious about your work-out skills, there is nothing worse or more intimidating than walking into a gym.  You’re worried about using a machine wrong or embarrassing yourself, and you spend so much time concerned about the way you’re acting that you neglect your fitness routine.  You can find affordable personal trainers that would be willing to help you get fit in the comfort and privacy of your own home.  The home fitness training market is popular, and you won’t have any problems finding a personal trainer in NYC, Chicago, L.A., or any major city.

About The Author:

Jennifer Dee is a 20 something writer in the north east that loves to eat right and exercise.
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  1. It's just the opposite here in the Philippines, you know it, but your tips are awesome to your place of resident. I remember too, walking going to school...but those were the days. At present, I'm still walking for my daily exercise.

  2. Great tips. I have to get more active to shed off those pounds. :)

  3. some people say that it is harder to shed pounds during the cold season, those are great tips, only effort is needed rather than always curling up under a warm comforter hihi

  4. Cool tips here, Te Betchai! I can exactly relate on making my feet as my excellent mode of transportation. Ha! Ha! Ha! It's a free form of exercise and I am loving it!

    I feel guilty. I don't cook much since I started working. Might as well stop blogging altogether so I can cook again?

    Apart from my usual walking routine at work with a minimum of 30 minutes daily, I do some stretching at night time- push ups, sit ups and what have you.

  5. I automatically go on hibernation when it's cold. I can't imagine what would happen to me if I'm put in place where there's winter. I am told cold weather here in the Philippines is like a normal day in the States. Yikes.

  6. I love your selections of healthy food nowadays i became more picky on the foods i intake less calories as possible . I know how you feel winter sucks!

  7. The avocado makes me drool AteB. You guys are really good with hikes, even on Winter, holly molly!

  8. In my case,I have a hard time to get fit in winter. Good thing we usually go to caverns, museums and house tour on winter as it is warmer inside.

  9. Even just the thought of going down to the gym (free access for homeowners) right here where we live is so unappealing to me. It's cold!!!! Thank God for my Precor elliptical, a trampoline, free weights and hopefully I will get my hoop soon. The food collage is so appetizing. I can eat okra every single day if I can only source them easily. I like it just like that - I guess is that steamed? Avocadoes are mainstays in my kitchen too. Now, I'm hungry. Time check - 12 midnight hahaha

  10. Beautiful winter pictures Sis :-) I love watching snow from inside the house, that way I am warm :-) I love to shop our local markets too. It is affordable and organic products :-)

  11. Right now, I'm cutting down my food intake and burn down unnecessary fats in my body. As much as possible, I'll do cardio 3 times a week just to keep me energized.. :)