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Five Reasons to Rent a Home in Harrogate

Year after year Harrogate has continued to appear on all the lists of top places to live in the UK. Each year scores of families uproot themselves and make the trip to Harrogate looking for a home to rent. The allure and attraction of living in Harrogate is not about the cost of housing as there are many cheaper places to live in the UK. The allure of this town is in the standard and quality of life it offers to families and individuals who want to get the complete package.

Here are the top five reasons why individuals and families choose to rent a home in Harrogate.


The District of Harrogate can be found in Yorkshire, North Yorkshire to be more specific. The town is also a popular tourist destination because of the beauty of the countryside and the scenic spectacular village views. It is an idyllic town with quaint and picturesque villages and towns, next to modern facilities and attractions. The old touches include castles, abbeys and historic old houses while the new includes malls, restaurants, hotels, spas, parks and gardens.

Available Homes

The larger, older type homes were more expensive to acquire and maintain. Some of these buildings have been newly renovated and divided into smaller, more manageable modern apartment units. You can find whatever you need to be settled and comfortable in your new surroundings. Harrogate has traditional homes as well as luxury apartments that are ideally situated in the central parts of the town. Thus enabling quick and easy access to all the towns’ fabulous amenities.


The list of amenities is a long one. You can find spas, places to eat, relax and have fun in the City. There are popular tourist destinations, attractions and parks to visit.  One thing is for sure, you will never be bored if you rent a home in Harrogate. The list of places for you to eat is as diverse as Harrogate itself, everything from casual dining to fine five star dining. There are bars, pubs, restaurants, coffee shops, cafes and sandwich shops.

The People

This should probably be at the top of the list. The locals in Harrogate or Harrogations as they are called are some of the warmest and most welcoming towns’ people in the UK. The town was voted the happiest place to live in 2013. They hold onto their time honoured traditions of being neighbourly. It has become harder over the years as many new cultures and nationalities have moved to Harrogate from the big urban towns. However, most folks have welcomed the community spirit and have joined in.

The Schools
Harrogate schools are among some of the top performing schools in the UK. They have excellent schools that consistently provide top quality education and world class results in all the different age groups. There are schools with experienced, expertly trained teachers for toddlers to seniors.
Harrogate has many opportunities and exciting prospects available and a long list of available homes for rent. To see a list, contact Netmovers.

For more information on Schools in Harrogate, and to compare them with other schools, please visit this BBC Guide

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