Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Bring The Music Stands for the Rain Dance

2013 San Diego Spring Wildflowers ( 2013 was a dry year, but not as dry as 2014 )
"We need a rain dance!"

This is what I often hear from our local newscasters here, regarding California's recent situation of worst drought ever since recording history. Historically, the rain dance was more common to Native American tribes who lived in dry, Southwestern regions which received little rain. The dance was meant to bring rain for the entire year or for a specific season which is essential for survival. Many Native Americans still perform the rain dance today.

Everyone in California is made aware of the water crisis we are undergoing through right now. Since 2008, we saw very little rain, with the driest ever this seasson! So, maybe, San Diegans could gather together, bring the music stands out for the rain dance. Maybe I could look at discount music stands for the rain dance. Thoughts of city residents joining together in singing and dancing for prayers of rain already bring rain of hopes my way. The singing and dancing may not be as intricate as the rain dance by Native Americans, but thoughts of unity alone is enough to bring me rain of hopes.

Right now, our hills and valleys are very brown and bone dry. Lake water levels are receding. Waterfalls hardly trickle. Rivers which are supposed to be gushing of water this time of the year seems like a creek with very little water flowing. :( But who knows? Rain may still come to nourish the soil.

Let me share with you some spring wildflowers here in San Diego County through the years. Spring wildflowers are some of the wonderful testaments of God's love, where a drop of water could change dirt into a phantasmagoric display of colors that gracefully flutter in the breeze.

 2012 San Diego Spring Wildflowers (this was a dry year, but not as dry as 2013 and 2014, wildflowers were mostly along the coast nourished by evening and morning fogs )

2011 San Diego Spring Wildflowers ( this was also dry year, but not as dry as 2012, 2013 and 2014. Wildflowers were mostly along the coast, nourished by coastal fogs )

2010 San Diego Spring Wildflowers ( not so dry, not so wet either, wildflowers were mostly along the coast and mountains )

2009 San Diego Spring Wildflowers ( a little bit wet year, wildflowers are seen from desert to the coast )

2008 San Diego Spring Wildflowers ( this was a wet year, carpeting wildflowers were everywhere, from desert to inland valleys to coast. )

The most display of wildflowers I have ever seen is 2005 ( that was our wettest year), sadly, lost pictures from that year since I still was not careful with storing files in computer and have not yet learned about backing files in portable external hard drive. They say, wildest phantasmagoric display one could ever imagine comes every 10 years, so maybe, 2015 is it?

But right now, I just hope and pray for more rain. Not only for wildflowers, but to nourish the soil for farming, and for wild vegetation to stay healthy, and also, as a major resource of water, that is very essential in supporting life.

We need a rain dance. 
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  1. I think we need a rain dance here too. We haven't had proper rain or snow for the past three years. The farmers around here could use it.

  2. the beautiful spring wild flowers growing on their own, bringing beauty through different colors. nice photos sis :)

  3. My gosh, what beautiful wild flowers! They are so breath taking and amazing to see!
    I will trade you for field of snow :-)

  4. wow te Betchai, you've been into those wild fields with wildflowers that looks so wonderful, its just how nature gives us its beauty.

  5. Those beautiful captures makes me want to sing. Parang ang bango bango dyan AteB!

  6. your photos looks so colourful!! i wish it is more bigger though so we can more appreciate it a lot and see how amazing your love for nature!! those flowers looks aamzing

  7. Wow! Just look at all those colors. I hope it'll rain there soon.

  8. I can't say that I see many fields of flowers...only here. smiles.

  9. I really like spring. The colors of nature bring life to our surroundings after that dull winter.

  10. Lovely lovely colours of Spring!! I just can't wait for this season to come!! It's just a few weeks away!! Wohooo! I want to see the yellows, purples, deep reds, oranges, and the beautiful colours of Spring just like in your photos!!!

  11. Wow! Look at all the beautiful colors of flowers and the best of the nature. Gosh! I would feel like heaven if I am there too Sis :-) I cannot wait for spring for my tulips to come out soon :-)

  12. Love, love all the colors! I can't wait for spring to come. Old man winter needs to leave pronto! :-)

  13. Wow so many flowers, it is so colorful and lively. The beauty of nature can really be amazing.