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Vietnam - Nature Delight

Perched on the east of the Indochinese Peninsula, fascinating, congested and vivacious Vietnam sweeps over more than 1600 km of magnificent countryside. It is a land of so many stark contrasts - urban city jungles sprawl between ancient sites, temples, ruins and palaces, little crooked pathways lead to far into the countryside, and royal tombs are scattered between lush mountain ranges and ancient villages.

And, then there is the glory that is Ha Long Bay, one of Vietnam’s most mysterious, magical and romantic regions and the most majestic area of natural outstanding beauty. No matter how many photographs you may have seen of Ha Long Bay, nothing can ever prepare you for the incredible experience of this magical slice of Mother Nature.

Misty shrouds give way to truly massive limestone outcrops that almost appear to rise mysteriously out of the deeply rich, silky emerald waters of the bay. Ancient Chinese junks glide past, their concertina sails barely ruffling in the wind in the Gulf of Tolkin.

Ha Long Bay is home to not one but two magnificent eco systems – a stunning coastal eco system and a lush tropical rain forest. Both thriving eco systems are part of the contribution to this stunning, almost surreal region becoming a UNESCO listed World Heritage Site. Ha Long Bay should not be confused with Ha Long City – the real natural beauty of Vietnam will not be found in the city, but in the Bay.

The Con Dao National Park and Con Dao Islands – of which there are 16 stunners – is a lesser known region associated with the congestion and steamy wall to wall chaos of Vietnam itself. This incredible paradise makes places like the Bahamas and the Seychelles look like they are beginners.

Heaving with an abundance of marine and wild life, the protected area of the Con Dao National Park is also home to some of the rarest marine life in the world like the elusive dugong, and the green turtle, among others. When you stand with your feet sinking into the soft cashmere sands on the beach, with the almost luminous turquoise waters lapping on to your toes, while the breeze ruffles your hair and the palm trees sway seductively, it is hard to believe that this place hasn’t always been complete and utter paradise.

With a tumultuous past, this little handful of islands wasn’t always the ultimate tourist destination for diving and exploring the beautiful countryside. In fact, Con Dao was an island that was actually a prison island – a home for a number of many political prisoners, way back in the French colonial times. The times when the regime of Saigon used to put their prisoner in those infamous Tiger Cages, happened right here on Con Dao. And the old prison and a little museum are there as reminders of it’s somewhat hectic past.

These days the islands enjoy a somewhat different notoriety that of one of the premier diving destinations in the world, with is beautiful coral reefs and lush under water forests and practically deserted and breathtaking beaches. Diving and snorkelling in Con Dao are the best places in Vietnam to do so, even if you haven’t actually been snorkelling or diving before, this is the place to start.

The region is literally untouched by modern infrastructure, the rainforests in more cases than one entirely undisturbed. The natural sites in Vietnam, all through the city, rural areas and regions like Ha Long Bay are simply unparalleled in unique beauty anywhere else in the world.

Phu Quoc is a magnificent region in south eastern Vietnam, dense mountain ranges and even denser forested regions surround some of what is considered to be the most beautiful beaches in all of Vietnam. In fact it is considered to be what Phuket might have been like, if the taste of money and development had not over run the wildly popular tourist area. Breathtaking and beautiful, for moment it appears to be staying that way.  Home to the best fish sauce on the planet – nuoc mam it is also one of the best places in the world to visit if you plan of feasting on the best seafood, and one of the best places if you want to buy pearls.

It is a magnificent region of natural paradise, plenty of scuba diving opportunities, temples, markets and plenty of places to eat, shop and just lie in the sun and let the soapy surf lap at your feet. The dive sites are great for snorkelers or first time divers; there are at least 20 spectacular dive spots, each with its own complicated underwater network of delicate coral and home to an impressive amount of colourful marine life.

The marine reserve is protected in many areas, and conservation plan are in place to make sure that all of this area falls under the marine reserve, ensuring that the marine life and delicate ecosystems will be protected for many more years to come.

Visiting Vietnam may initially feel like an assault for the senses but it won’t take long until you find your groove and get into the rhythm of this amazing country.

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  1. I certainly would love to see Vietnam soon! :)

  2. Ok, you're writing about one of my LOVE. Viet Nam is where I was born. I only been there once, and it is indeed a beautiful, amazing country. So much so that those surrounding the country kept trying to take over. A country of war…although it has been at peace for 40 years - it isn't run by the same government. Thanks for the great essay on Viet Nam. Thumbs up and love to hear more about it. ;-)