Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Survival Basics When Lost in Wilderness

Everyone hopes that they will not have to survive alone in an extreme situation, but it happens to people every year. Campers get lost trying to find their way back to their campsites. Hikers lose the trail and are not sure where to turn next. The key is not to keep yourself out of these situations, but to be ready for them when they arrive. With a little planning and a bit of basic survival knowledge, you can get through the ordeal.

1. Waiting is better than running. 
You may be tempted to panic and try to get out of the woods on your own, but you are usually much better off to wait where you are to be rescued. Even if you got lost, you are still close to the place that you told people you would be, so the search will not take as long. 

2. Find water. 
When you think you are going to have to stay in the forest overnight, you need to find water. The human body can survive for days and even weeks without food, but you need water every day. 

3. Follow a river. 
If you cannot wait and you have to keep moving, find a river and follow it for as long as you can. Follow it the same direction that the water is flowing. Towns are usually situated near water sources, so the river should at least take you toward people, and it also means that you retain your water source as you travel.

4. Leave signs behind. 
As you move through the woods, leave signs for people who may be looking for you. Piling up rocks is a very popular way to do this. The more obvious the trail, the easier it is for the rescue team to track you down. If you would like to learn more survival tips and ideas, just click here.
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  1. Not getting panicky is a very important first step as that is our basic instinct whenever we feel lost or off track. Very very helpful tips and who better than you, an experienced trekker, hiker and traveler to write them, betchai. I will keep them in mind, they will come to my rescue should I get lost someday.