Monday, January 27, 2014

Simply Reminiscing Joy: High School Best Buddies and Our Beatles Fantasy :)

Reunited with My High School Best Buddies

One of the highlights of my Philippines December 2012-January 2013 vacation was being reunited with my high school best buddies. There are four of us in the group. All 3 are now here in US, two of us in Califorinia, and one in Arizona. Whenever we go home, we try hard that we have the same schedule, so we could have our "BEATLES" reunion! Haha, yes, we were Beatles crazy when we were in high school. We love to sing. They love to play their guitars ( I was the only one who sadly didn't know how to play guitar). Because I did not know how to play guitar, so I would self-assign myself as the "lead singer"! Haha, sadly, I also have the most out of tune voice, that whenever I would self-assign myself as "lead singer", they would tell me, "oh-oh, we think, being a band manager is more appropriate for you!" Haha! I was a kind girl, so, I would accept the tag, "band manager", but I would add, "lead singer", so I was the, "band manager+lead singer"! 

Back then, we ( sorry, I forgot I do not know how to play guitar ) simply played whatever guitar was available. Our favorite hang-out was on top of a tree! Yes, we were tree climbers! We would look for trees that would have lots of sturdy branches so we could sit, and start singing and playing. The tree branch was our stage, the world below was our audience! Oh, such happiness of high school life. I just could imagine how groovy we would look if we also had Simmons electronic drums at Musicians Friend.
Because we were the "The Girl Beatles", one of our favorites then was: "Love me do", hahaha, which we loved playing and singing whenever we talked about our "crushes." Singing the "Love me do" would bring us to dancing, but hey, we were on top of a tree sitting on a branch, how could we dance? Well, that would be the time we would imagine ourselves as going down from the stage to meet our fans below and dance with them, haha! I know, crazy us, but really, love those carefree "Girl Beatles" days.

Here are some more pictures from my hometown during that trip, could you tell which city in Philippines it is?
Our Provincial Capitol Lagoon
At The Provincial Capitol Lagoon
We have really good batchoy, and they say, the best "chicken inasal" :)

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  1. I knew this place at Bacolod City lagoon...the Carabao, where I used to stare while I'm in college at Colegio de San Agustin. Ever since, more memories and heartaches...Nice vacation lady!

  2. You're very lucky to still know your friends from high school. I've lost touch with all of mine. I envy you.

  3. some of my high school friends are so dear to me too that until now we have communications and get to see each other too. that was really a great vacation you've had with friends and family here in our country :)

  4. my 2 dearest high school friends moved away, as did i. Although we have not seen each other in awhile, we keep in touch with email and facebooks!

  5. wow!!! the time has finally come that you guys met up once again, its always a great feeling to reminisce times with them and to cherish them once again.

  6. Same here, Betchai, every time I go home in Philippines, I do my best to contact my high school buddies, they all live in Philippines but different city. I am thankful they give time and effort to see me once I go home.High school friends are the best

  7. taga Bacolod ka pala sis Betchai. Yes, I recognize the photo it's the lagoon park in Bacolod, I've been there once waybck 2011. Hope to see the place once more it's a beautiful city :)

  8. Batchoy reminds me of my college days. Ang saya anamn that you and your best buddies have been reunited.

  9. Batchoy... now I'm seriously craving for it. The problem is, I don't know where I can source authentic batchoy here.

    You're so lucky you have your 3 best buddies from high school. I can see you had great time reliving those days. My best friend from high school sadly left me in 2008 (I can cry) and left a 10 year old daughter at that time. She lose her battle to ca.

    Anyway, hope you'll have another reunion in the Philippines soon :-)

  10. Oh! I miss Bacolod. I went there last year. I failed to check the capitol though. It looks nice.

    And yes, it's nice to be with your high school buddies. Just recently, we were partying in Sinulog.

  11. nice batchoy! i miss eating them! it owuld be a nice comfort food this chilly weather!

  12. Oh, that kind of reunions. Missing my best buddies right now. I'm sure you miss them now too, Ate! :)

    And oh, the batchoy looks so good. ♥

  13. Awww! What a best time to have the vacation and enjoy it with the Beatles I main the besties :-) I love the fountain, looks s cool. Noodles looks delish too, yummy :-)

  14. YAY! I feel very happy for you, Te Betchai! Friendship knows no bounds and it sure last a lifetime! I enjoyed a lot reading your friendship saga. In this hard times, it's difficult to find genuine friends. You're a gem to each other. Cheers to your long lasting friendship!