Thursday, January 09, 2014

Reasons Why Late Bargain Holidays Are The Best!

Holidays are all about fun and relaxation, so booking in advance and getting the peace of mind that brings is something that many people find appealing. Knowing where you are going to go to and the dates of your holiday can mean that you enjoy a certain amount of anticipation, too. Nevertheless, the late booking holiday maker can expect certain advantages that the early booker simply misses out on. Early booking often means that you are committed. If the weather happens to be poor in your chosen destination when you are preparing to leave, you have little choice but to put up with it. Likewise, if someone in your party becomes ill or pulls out, then it can mean that you lose money on a deposit. With late bookings, such problems are usually avoided in the first place.
The Advantages
So much for the negative side of early booking – what about the positives of leaving booking your holiday until nearer the time? Late holidays are flexible, 
budget-friendly and are not limited to one destination so you can go further for every pound that you spend. Put another way, if you book later, then you can pick up a bargain and – even by spending the same total – go to a more upmarket resort or even visit a more exotic location.
Remember that flexibility is the key. If you want to holiday in a specific resort with a specific type of accommodation at a certain two weeks of the year, then late booking is unlikely to be for you. Instead, take on board that the bargains tend to be where there is spare capacity in the market and where the hotels need the business. This is not because they are unwanted destinations, but could be simply because they were priced too high at the start of the booking season.
Going to a single travel agent for a late booking makes a lot of sense. This is because they can wrap your flights, accommodation and transfers together in a single package that give you a clear idea of what you will be spending overall. However, you can buy your travel and hotels separately and this can make for even better bargains, 
particularly in Greece where competition for tourists spending money is fierce. The disadvantage of this approach is that you have less recourse if things go wrong.

Top Tips For Late Bargains
 If you have kids with you, then make sure that any holiday deal you might be getting as a late bargain is in a family-friendly resort. Don’t be seduced by the general location, but check out the accommodation’s area online before paying so that you know it will be suitable when you arrive.
Make sure that everyone in your party has a valid passport. All too often late bargain deals come unstuck because someone has either lost theirs or it has become out of date. With a late booking you have less time to sort problems like this out. Another good thing to double check before handing over your hard earned cash is that everyone can go on the dates of the holiday and that they don’t need to book the time off work beforehand.
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  1. Reminds me of my out of date passport. Someday I wish I could finally travel far :)

  2. i always do late bookings. ang hirap kasi mag-plan ahead, pahirapan mag-apply ng leave fr work.