Friday, January 17, 2014

Happy Feet, Happy Me :)

Fab 5's Happy Hiking Feet

The picture above shows the happy feet of the Fab 5 in the trails during their Alaska exploration. Pardon us if we called ourselves the Fab 5, haha! I know, fabulous usually is associated with fashion, and we are not into fashion.  Okay, maybe one of us is into fashion, but it's not me and definitely not hubby, haha! However, during our Alaska hikes, we called ourselves the Fab 5 simply because we thought we are. Haha! Really, I could not remember how we started with the Fab 5. :) Anyway, here is a collage of the Fab 5's exploring in Alaska. 
Fab 5's Happy Adventures in Alaska

I guess, we named ourselves Fab 5, because we were simply fabulously happy wandering at that time! We hiked on rocky terrain, we went hiking in the rain, we hiked on ice exploring a glacier inside, we rolled on wildflowers (except hubby ), we danced on grass, we kept on flying high ( haha, actually, just jumping high ) at the trails, and many more. That's our kind of fun. 

Our kind of fun requires us to take care of our health big time, especially our legs and feet. Could you imagine the scare I had last September when during snorkeling, I accidentally twisted my knees? 
Ice Therapy For the Knee

The very first thought that came to my mind after feeling the pain during the incident was: "Can I still hike? Oh Lord, help me please, that I still can hike!" Thankfully, the injury was not serious, that I am able to go back to my regular activities after 2 or 3 weeks. 

Let me share with you some excerpts from my most recent visit to my doctor:

Me: "Doctor, I still feel some very minor pain on my knee. It's not something that really interferes with my regular activity, but I just could feel some minor pain still."

Doctor: ( did a lot of knee diagnosis by pressing here, pressing there, checking my knee reflexes, etc). "You seem to be fine. There is one very minor weak response however, which could be from the healing torn ligament. Continue your icing, your stretches, and WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES!"

Me: "I wear comfortable shoes most of the time, doctor."

Doctor: "No, not only most of the time. It should be, all of the time!"

Me: ( quiet, how do I respond with that anyway? I do not want to pick up an argument with my doctor, haha!)

-am guilty of not wearing comfortable shoes all of the time because of my tendency to wear sandals and flats which have no arch support at all -

Doctor: "Let me check your shoes."

Me: ( I would never visit my doctor not wearing comfortable shoes, I know how much nagging I'll get if I don't wear one as I heard him lecture to one of the lady patients who was wearing high heeled shoes one time during visit. Anyway, with confidence, I showed him my shoes- which at that time I was wearing my comfortable Mephisto shoes. )

Doctor: "Good! You wear very good comfortable shoes." - ( then, I can't believe it, he even checked the outsole, haha, because he said even very good comfortable shoes could lose support in time. haay, thankfully, the pair I was wearing was one of the newer ones ). 

Then, he proceeded again lecturing me about how very important it is to take care of our feet since our feet caries our body weight plus the weight we carry. Wearing the wrong kind of shoes usually is the cause of knee injuries for women. Men usually is from sports injury. He told me he just could not understand why so many women love to hurt themselves by wearing fashion shoes which are lacking comfort and support. I was just quiet while he lectures me that, because I know, sometimes, I do wear ladies flats and sandals which lack support. Just "sometimes" though. :)
Wearing Ladies Flats which surely lacks support 
~ I very seldom wear ladies flats that lacks support , only when I go with the ladies, haha, I guess, ladies pressure! most ladies fashion based shoes, flats or high heels lack support ~

Then, from his computer, he printed out for me this infographics below, for some healthy feet regimens to follow.  
The Anatomy of a Healthy Foot: Why Happy Feet Make a Happy Person

I love the above infographics, am glad and thankful for my doctor for handing this out to me. Aside from this, I also have another guide sheet for my knee, back, neck and arm exercises.

I love doing those feet exercises in the above infographics, after doing them each time, I could tell, my feet feel happier. Because of that, I feel happier too. :)

Happy feet, means happy me, because I could continue doing one of the most special activities I love doing in life, that is, HIKING! Do I still go snorkeling when it was the cause of my most recent knee injury? Of course!
Snorkeling Continues After Twisting Knee Incident

I love both hiking and the ocean. I actually fell in love with the ocean first, before the slopes in the trails. But I am glad to have discovered both joy. That is why I'd rather take care of my health, follow doctor's orders and doctor's prescribed exercises so I could continue living an active lifestyle. I'd rather exercise to go out of the doors, than stay in the couch. I'd rather wear comfortable shoes so that I could see the world more. For a happy feet, is a happy me, exploring the trails, exploring our WONDERFUL WORLD at the slopes.
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  1. It won't be surprised that you will say out loud in one day that you have climbed Mt. Everest.

  2. Your beautiful feet, also the family's well-being will be the priority because hiking's the family outdoor activities. Take care!

  3. a good and comfortable shoes is really needed even in simple walks :)

  4. Aside from the major envy of seeing you in all those beautiful hiking trips, (haha) I think you hit the spot in taking care of your feet. We tend to neglect this important body part and I am guilty of the "not wearing proper shoes." I spend 9 hours in ladies flats (because it is a requirement at work), but the moment I get home, I walk around barefoot. I also make it a point to check my feet as often as I can. Diabetics like me cannot afford to have foot problems.

  5. That was clever, wearing your comfy shoes when you saw your Doctor. Ayaw ma nag hahah. I think most women are guilty of wearing stylish but destructive shoes.

    I tell you, those Mephistos are really comfy but some of the styles are as ugly as sin hahahha. I own several of them (the ugly ones) but I wear them when we travel and do a lot of walking. They're heaven sent!

    Through the years, Mephisto has evolved. Mas up to date na mga styles nila. I love their casual pieces and wear them when I have more compassion for my feet and not obsessed with style hahaha.

  6. its nice to remember what our doctor says in order to have a happy feet and comfortable feet and enjoy the benefits of walking without any uncomfortable feeling.

  7. I noticed that you guys wear the same hiking shoes. Do you guys say a little prayer before embarking on a hikibg journey Ate? JUst curious hehehe.

  8. This reminds me of the conversation we had while walking around the mall while I was feeling a little discomfort from wearing super flat sandals. Great tips on wearing comfortable shoes for every occasion. I super duper love that photo of you wearing blue ladies flats looking at the water lilies...and your earrings and jeans and sleeveless blouse are a winner! :)....please wear the outfit again and feature it as an OOTD :)

  9. I like your hiking boots Sis :-) your appointment with your Doc is hilarious. Never argue with the doctor lol. Thank you also for the tips. I appreciate them :-)

  10. Your doctor knows best! :) I love wearing Crocs when going around esp on trips. It has that raised arch support in most models. My feet never aches when I wear them.

  11. One of those things I need to pay more attention to. I am getting better at it, but you're way ahead. smiles.

  12. comfortable for me means flat shoes. haha! now i have to find find a flat shoes with good support. :D

    that pond shot is one of my favourite photo of yours Beth! mag take two ka nga, looking at the cam and smiling your happiest like always when you are enjoying outdoors. sabi nga ni kulasa, for OOTD na rin. :)

  13. I like to have padding in my shoes, so my feet can carry my body! You had such an amazing trip with your friends though! The Fab 5 sounds just perfect too :-)