Thursday, January 30, 2014

Free Standing Boat Lifts


Having a boat can bring many days of joy. However, a water vessel is a big investment and maintenance does not come cheap. By protecting a boat from the turbulent waters, salt build-up, and elements of the weather, a boat lift can be the perfect maintenance solution. By spending a little extra money, the investment of a vessel can last for many years without showing signs of wear. A boat house is not readily available for everyone and often, piers are removed from the water where changing seasons are prominent. This makes free standing boat lifts a sensible selection for many boaters.

Types of Boat Lifts

There are 4 different styles of boat lifts, depending on the area where your vessel is docked. These include side mount for securing against a pier, piling mounts to cradle boats in a sling-type apparatus, boat house lifts, where a secure and dry area is needed, and free standing units that offer flexibility in parking anywhere. 

Why Free Standing Boat Lifts are Popular

Free standing boat lift units are made completely of aluminum. This material offers lightweight handling, corrosion and rust-proof properties, and is very durable. They are designed to hold an 800 pound, 1200 pound, or 1500 pound weight capacity. A manual or electric winch provides easy lifting of the vessel. Rollers control the guiding while carpeted runners provide a scratch-free method of securing. Galvanized mounting hardware keeps the boat from shifting during high winds and a stainless steel cable will never lose its grip. Many boat owners appreciate the motor driven model where a simple Click here button takes the drudgery out of cranking by hand. 

When it comes to providing security for a large piece of equipment, a boat is no different than a vehicle or piece of farm machinery. Keeping a vessel out of the water and covered during the off-season, can add years to its life. Refurbishing the exterior of a boat can run into thousands of dollars and totally avoidable. When looking at purchasing a new water craft, always bear in mind the maintenance that is involved. It will be much easier in preparation when a long anticipated journey on the water is finally here. Take the steps of keeping a boat safe and secure and it will give back the time and money spent through excellent performance.
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