Thursday, January 02, 2014

3 Crucial Tips to Avoid Disaster At Your New Year’s Eve Party

2013 is drawing to a close, and that means that people all across the world will be celebrating New Year’s Eve. Gym memberships will be purchased, magnums of champagne will be uncorked, and television specials featuring rockers in the twilight of their career will croon America into 2014. If you are hosting a shindig of your own, it would be wise to take a few precautions to make sure you don’t enter the new year on a sour note. 
Here are three foolproof ways you can make sure you have a safe and sound New Year’s Eve party.

1) Know Who You’re Inviting

On a scale of “kindergarten friends” to “Facebook friends,” how tight are you with the people who are coming to your party, really? If you happen to be having an especially large party, there is always a risk that a few invitees have a secret, nasty habit of stealing and/or hurting people. But how can you separate the bad apples from the righteous partiers?
One method is by performing a background check on your guest list. By reviewing public records on service like Instant Checkmate, you can see who has a history of criminal behavior. If you notice that someone has been locked up for assault on multiple occasions, perhaps you should simply cross them off your list.

2) Have Plenty Of Water On Hand

While hopefully your guests won’t overindulge on the bubbly and other libations, there will always be a few revelers who will try their hardest to increase their BAC into the double digits. There’s nothing wrong with having a good time, but there is something wrong with spending most of New Year’s day hunched over a toilet bowl while muttering curses to whoever first discovered alcohol. Protect your guests from an unpleasant hangover by keeping plenty of water available, whether in bottles or glasses. Besides helping inoculate against the unpleasant effects of booze overcomspution, a well-hydrated party is an extra-fun party.

3) Make Sure Everyone Gets Home Safe

A New Year’s Eve party is great at 12:01 when everyone is drunkenly singing and twirling noisemakers. It’s not so great at 3 a.m when things are starting to wind down and attendees who are a little past their prime partying years have moved “find a comfortable bed to sleep in” to the top of their resolution list. For the benefit of your guests, have a local cab company’s number prominently displayed so no one feels compelled to risk getting a DUI. Many taxi companies and nonprofits even offer free rides to drunken partiers, so there’s simply no excuse for committing a vehicular felony. No one wants to start off 2014 by sobering up in a county jail cell.

One More Tip

If you don’t know the lyrics to “Auld Lang Syne,” they’re right here. Memorize them in advance so that you won’t just make mumbling noises to the tune once the clock strikes midnight. No one wants to hear that.

About The Author:

Julio Tavarez is a blogger living in Eureka, California.  He blogs about party planning, dating, and social media.
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  1. Makes me glad I have known the lyrics to Auld Lang Syne since childhood. I kinda miss the holiday season so much!! ♡

  2. Great tips! I second the "a lot of water". Most parties I go to, there is a lack of pure fresh water...