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10 things to do in Barcelona

It might easily be seen that the Mediterranean Sea was just meant for cruising – an agreeable climate ensures typically tranquil seas, with many ports of call just bristling with years of history, culture and modern-day vibrancy.

One of your star ports of Mediterranean cruising is likely to be Barcelona – not only because of all that the city has to offer, but since it is a generally safe, secure and convenient place from which to embark on your cruise.

That’s not to say, you may want to overlook the need for cruise insurance, however – not least for the comprehensive medical cover it may offer – and a visit to cruise specialist providers such as Bengo Travel may well repay just a moment or two of your time before you set sail.
With just such peace of mind in place, might what you look forward to on your Barcelona-based cruise?

  1. the ready availability of quality accommodation – at rates you are likely to find as competitive as anywhere else in Europe – means that you are able to stay overnight (if not longer) before boarding your cruise ship completely refreshed and ready for any luxury adventure;
  2. since it’s a city packed with more than two thousand years of history, you might want to extend your visit to the city – either before or at the end of your cruise;
  3. explore the unique history of the city’s Gothic period, for example; or
  4. soak up the atmosphere and excitement bequeathed by one of the best known seafarers of them all, by visiting the impressive monument to Christopher Columbus, who made Barcelona his first port of call when returning from his discovery of the New World at the end of the 15th century;
  5. wherever you venture into this most exciting and vibrant of Mediterranean cities, it is likely to be difficult to escape the iconic – quite literally fantastic – architecture of Antonio Gaudi;
  6. if the cultural landmarks, museums and art galleries are not to your taste, however, why not simply sit and relax at one of the open-air cafes or bars along the city’s Las Ramblas – and live the very part of its social heartbeat;
  7. there are also many shopping centres as well as Europe’s longest fashion street of 4km “La Creu Coberta” for you browse, buy gifts or simply treat yourself;
  8. spend the day at Barcelona Zoo, home to over 1,000 animals from mongoose and meerkats to lions, elephants and eagles;
  9. there are no fewer than seven sandy beaches to choose from, with each one offering the perfect backdrop to a leisurely evening meal – whether you opt for gastronomic indulgence or the simplicity of a family-run tapas bar;
  10. finally, visit the aquarium at Port Vell and walk through a tunnel as sharks swim above you for a truly amazing experience!
When the time comes to embark on your Mediterranean cruise, Barcelona’s strategic location on the western edge gives you the whole of the region to explore – as far as Turkey, North Africa or even the Middle East.

However short or long your voyage, of course no one is able to guarantee the weather you might encounter. As a matter of interest – or simply as a matter of fun – you might nevertheless want to get a foretaste of what is to come by visiting the Met Office website, where you may see forecasts for the whole of your itinerary.
Barcelona may offer an ideal point of embarkation for any Mediterranean cruise, therefore. Not only is it a fascinating city in its own right, but also serves as a gateway port for the whole of the Mediterranean.

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  1. Barcelona based cruise sounds like fun! Oh my dream cruise, are you going to be a dream forever? Haha!

  2. When I get to Barcelona, I will definitely have your list with me! Wow..