Monday, December 02, 2013

Using Headphones While Creating Videos in Live Movie Maker

BACKGROUND MUSIC: "HOW GREAT IS OUR GOD" by Kimberly and Alberto Rivera

I have been addicted to creating videos lately using Windows Live Movie Maker. For some reason, I find the video I took from the great outdoors reminds me of how great is our GOD for giving us a wonderful world. Though taking videos is a lot more challenging than taking pictures, especially with a dslr, because it needs real steady hands, but I still use my dslr sometimes to take videos. Take note: I don't have a new dslr, the video features in my dslr were there since I bought it many years ago. But somehow, I was not interested in creating videos before. The joy in creating videos started when we were snorkeling, since I found that taking photos of fast moving fish were not very easy with a point and shoot camera because of its not so fast shutter. My point and shoot underwater camera does not have the lightning speed of my dslr for very fast movement and in low light conditions such as underwater. Thus, underwater, I started taking videos more. I love adding music into the videos when I put together several videos I took.  I use most of the time headset when I listen to the videos I made again and again. How I wish I have some of those exceptional numark headphones, where I could feel the very core of the music without irritating my ear drums. The outdoors and music team up together for me in adding more joy and inspiration to the simple joys in simple life.
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  1. i always enjoy your videos, Beth. keep on creating more, kakatanggal ng stress. :)

  2. Aside from HD ability, your video camera will also need a mic port so that you can strike an exterior mic. One of the greatest variations between beginner and expert video clip is the quality of the sound.

  3. you really are wonderwoman! You now not only take wonderful photos but awesome videos too! Where can I find a collection of those great worship songs? I'm immensely enjoying fotor photor editing these days, all thanks to you, and the perks of blogging too! Thank you so much for being generous, angelic you! Love you Betchai. You are one of the Joys of my simple life!!

  4. I would love to have time learning how to create videos! Yours is fabulous!

  5. Beautiful video, betchai. I hardly take videos myself as I am not confident of it's quality from my point and shoot, also it drains a lot of battery while travelling. Hence prefer sticking to photos most of the times. Your's are so inspiring and I love the background score you have added, it really made all those scenes come alive!