Sunday, December 15, 2013

Jobs In Travel Companies

What's the best job in the world? This may sound old, but the best job in the world is always something we love most doing. Where work inspires us to grow in many aspects. Thankfully, we all have different interests and differ in what we most love doing. These differences allow for a more balanced and diverse world.

So, what's the best job for me, the one that I love most doing? I know probably some would mistakenly assume that what I love most doing is exploring the great outdoors and nature photography because that is what I mostly share here in this blog.
I won't deny that I love so much exploring the great outdoors, be it in the form of hiking, snorkeling, snow shoeing, photographing, etc. Nature wandering is a form of rest and relaxation for me. But teaching Math and Science has been my passion for a very long time now, a job that adds more meaning and purpose to my simply joyful and joyfully simple life. I do not intend to give up teaching because it is my "best job". I am highly energized by Math and Science, and so passionate teaching about them! I am so glad that my love for nature supports my passion in teaching Math and Science because I learn so much from every nature wandering. I always get hyped up in school when I talk about everyday's thermodynamics and more in our natural world, and how nature is our best teacher when it comes to optimization.

Despite describing myself as teacher first, outdoor explorer 2nd, still, I get oftentimes questions such as: "Don't you just wish you are in the great outdoors all the time? Like a National Park naturalist or scientist, working on the preservation of Earth's natural resources?"
Hmmmm, I close my eyes and think about it. The moment I close my eyes, I see the heartwarming smiles of my students and their priceless happiness whenever they understand something, and right away, my answer is, "being a Park Ranger or a National Park environmentalist and scientist may be equally rewarding, but I am happy where I am planted, enjoying the priceless happiness that teaching brings."

Going back to the best jobs in the world, they are the ones where you follow your passion. A career doing what you love never seems like work. If you love travel and helping others, a career in travel and hospitality industries could be the right way for you to turn your passion into a fulfilling life's work. Some jobs in the travel industry include wholesalers, travel agents, pilots and other airline staff, tour operators, naturalists and cruise ship personnels.

A successful candidate for this field is someone with an outgoing personality, great people and organizational skills, a sense of humor and the ability to attend to details and not let small problems get them down. It also helps if the person has the ability to think quickly and find unique solutions to those invariable glitches that can happen when they're trying to coordinate a number of events and schedules. People are the most important aspect of the job in a travel industry. Professionals that work in travel industries must be able to interact with those from a number of backgrounds and cultures and take great satisfaction in helping others.

There are nearly as many ways to enter the travel industry as there are available jobs. The first thing to do is to decide what sector of the travel industry is most appealing to you, and then find out what kind of training, background and qualifications you need to enter that sector.

As with many careers, there are different levels of education or training involved, dependent on the job. Managers may need at least an undergraduate degree in an industry-related field, however, having a lot of hands-on experience in the industry is a plus. Travel agents can get certification in many local community colleges and online certification programs. Many of these programs have the benefit of job placement services as well. Tour guides can work for a company or become independent. This job doesn't necessarily require a formal education, but being knowledgeable about the local area and its history, having local contacts within the restaurants, hotels and travel bureaus, and developing a good reputation are all necessary ingredients for success.

Entry level positions are the easiest to get if you have little experience or you're fresh out of an educational program. Large corporations, such as major hotel chains, amusements and cruise lines, often hold job fairs where persons who are interested in seeking career opportunities can talk to corporate recruiters about any training programs or job openings that are offered by those companies. The travel and tourism industry is wide open and always expanding. There are careers to fulfill any personality type, from behind the scenes organization to direct public interaction to executive positions, and all of these careers choices offer opportunities to advance or even branch out on your own.

The Internet is an invaluable source for job listings and company information in almost every industry. You can find career information and jobs at royal holiday and other travel companies in several ways. You can either go to the company website and use the information under employment to find out about available positions and contact the company directly, or use can uses sources such as Linkedin to get general information about employment with specific companies through their profiles there. The more contacts you make within the industry, the better your chances of finding your dream job.
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  1. I would have never guessed that exploring the great outdoors comes in second for you. But I guess, your blog is 'deceiving' :-) . However, I can understand why teaching Math and Science is your passion. Nothing beats the satisfaction that one gets from teaching and the great feeling of accomplishment knowing that your students learned and understood the lessons imparted to them.

  2. I admire your guts about travelling or being outside your most precious quiet place at home. Great article!

  3. i am a person who wants to accomplish a lot of things career-wise, after college i tried working on different companies, i hopped from one company to another, until i came to realize that you can make your career grow if you really love your job :)

  4. Oh my God these are spectacular photos! You're so lucky to be able to do what you love. My boyfriend loves travelling and photography too! :)

  5. people have different opinions and likes, must be a great job to travel but as for me, i thought if i choose to pursue my talent as i was being told that i have potentials of being in a music industry and meet those wonderful starts but if i won't enjoy that job? what if what i enjoyed the most if being a mother and a wife? that's one satisfactory job i think would be for me. others might not understand but as a mother? you'll be able to understand and know why..

  6. very nice and adventurous fun way of working! i guess you wont feel working at all if you love what you're doing. just have fun and enjoy the moments!

  7. I would not have guessed it that you are an educator. You sure are a risk-taker and adventurous.

  8. I am reminded of something my friend told me: it would seem that I don't need to expend so much energy on hobbies (siya kasi airsoft, gundam modelling, etc) because I get most of my satisfaction needs from my job. That said, the question is begged: is it the job itself or something about the work that satisfies us? I think teaching is fun in the same way as travelling and photography because it gives us a chance to be creative and express ourselves.

  9. Isn't it amazing if you ca land a job that pays you to travel, that would be so awesome.

  10. I love the way you have merged your teaching profession with your love for the outdoors without any form of pressure to give up any.

  11. You are so lucky to experience outdoors, you are very adventurous and loving science is definitely a match of what you want to do, since science also studies about earth. Math ? Hmm I am not sure hehehe

  12. Stunning photos, Te Betchai! Honestly, I run out of adjectives when I go visit your blogs. Words often escape me with these beautiful captures!

    Teaching is my second best ambition. I am aware it's a passion for you Te Betchai and I can only wish I have pursued that ambition. You inspire me a lot!

    They say teaching is the noblest profession in the world. It's indeed rewarding to see your students learn under your nurturing care. The feeling of gratification and self-fulfillment must be priceless!

  13. I used to teach English and Science. I know, I'm not a teacher by profession. But I enjoyed every bit of that experience especially the happy days with my students. On the other hand, I would love to take a job in a travel a position.

    I love how you put all the pictures together in this post. Stunning views. Those are the things I hope to see someday.

  14. I have an inclination that you love teaching. I can relate too, for seven years I have taught Math in high School and what I love most is those sweet notes my students have given me as appreciation for the sacrifices I've made so taht Math may come easy for them. But what I love lost doing carpentry works.

  15. It is my dream to travel while working. I hope I'll be able to live that dream in no time! :)

    But for now, I am loving what I am doing. As they say, do what love or love what you do.. ♥

  16. You always have great photos of nature. I admire your passion in travelling awesome places. ^_^