Thursday, November 28, 2013

Timeless Cruise Experiences from Thomson

What can you expect from a holiday with Thomson Cruises? Relaxed entertainment, fantastic destinations and pleasant, traditional surroundings, with a timeless appeal that keeps cruise-goers and holidaymakers coming back year after year.

Thomson Cruises offers a wonderful blend of modern and traditional, with a fleet of five well-equipped ships and a growing number of exciting ports of call on their destination list. For instance, you could visit the familiar bucket-and-spade beaches of the Mediterranean, soak up the sun in Turkey, haggle to your heart's content in the bazaars of Morocco, or sail away to paradise shores in the Caribbean.

Another popular destination in Thomson Cruises' remit includes the Canary Islands, and the chance to visit the volcanic sandy beaches of Tenerife and to experience the hustle and bustle of the island's cosmopolitan capital, Santa Cruz.

And for an intoxicating clash of cultures, a trip to Egypt is a must. Both the Red Sea and Ancient Egypt are available to discover as part of a holiday with Thomson Cruises, and each area offers a long list of wonderful things to see, do and experience. On a Red Sea itinerary, for instance, you could enjoy the golden sands of Sharm el Sheikh, where you can explore the coral reefs of Ras Mohamed, before heading off to explore magnificent sights like Jordan's ancient city of Petra. Other must-see sights include Safaga, for Luxor, where you can experience the Temple of Karnak and the incredible Valley of the Kings.

Whatever style of cruise holiday takes your fancy, you'll find a wide choice of itineraries through a tour operator like Cruise Thomas Cook. Check out their range of holidays through Thomson Cruises, here - The great thing about using a tour operator is that you can compare holidays across all the major operators, and weigh up the best itineraries by price, and other factors like departure dates and onboard facilities.

So whether you want a voyage of discovery through ancient lands, or a laid-back cruise to golden beaches, an escape with Thomson Cruises is a timeless experience that will live with you long after you return home.
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  1. one thing i wish to strike off my life list, to cruise with the family but M and K are so scared of the sea. LOL

  2. That sunset makes me eager to venture into the timeless experience that cruises offer! ♡

  3. Looks like you had a great time in there.
    As it is, a cruise experience without entertainment is dull, boring and useless.