Monday, November 04, 2013

Save Time with Mid Size Jets

Traveling is not at all 100% pleasant. I wish sometimes there are some aspects of travel I could get away, such as flying.
taken from inside a commercial plane on our way to Washington
Flying is the last thing I would do if there is a choice. It is the most unpleasant part of the trip for me. :( However, my desire to visit my family and to explore our wonderful world defeats the unpleasantness and stress of flying.

Let me count the many ways why flying is stressful for me:

1. The long wait at the airport. The long line and the hassle of inspection ( both for luggage and security inspection ).

2. In sitting position for a very long time! It is back breaking. I need more leg room for freedom to stretch. If the flight will take more than 2 hours, I must choose the aisle seat for convenience. So that I am more free to stand and walk without bothering others.

3. The "unsecured feeling" of getting to my destination safely, and having my luggage with me. I experienced luggage delay several times before. It was just very stressful, having to go through the process of reporting your lost luggage, and waiting for it since it had been flown to a different destination.

4. Lack of sleep! I just could not sleep in a very uncomfortable sitting position. The 18 hours flight to Philippines is always an agony for me. I just wish I could be transported so quickly by a jet machine!

It is for these reasons why others whose comfort, convenience and time is most important that they travel in charter flights. It's not only for luxury, because for professionals whose time is most important, they would lose a lot of money if they travel in common way, since they would be wasting so much of their precious time. Thus, most business trips these days avail of charter flights in Midsize Jets because time is important. They reach their destination faster, without giving up the comfort. Because mid-size jets have only 7-9 passengers, they have roomier stand-up cabins. Mid size jets offer the same luxury amenities seen in larger jets such as enclosed lavatories, roomy luggage compartments, and advanced entertainment and communication technology.
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  1. i wish to experience flying on Midsize Jets someday!

    have a great week ahead, Beth! :)

  2. I'm still scared of midsize jets. hahhaa