Monday, November 25, 2013

My Time Capsule

I have a knack for keeping small items that have a significant meaning in my life. I treasure the little wild flower that my little boy picked while we were walking. I kept the small hankerchief I used to wipe off my son's tears when he had his first break-up. I have all the small notes my daughter pinned on the fridge reminding me of her dance class. I used to keep all of these in a shoe box, however, I think these memorabilia deserve more than just a shoe box. I recently purchased three small wooden boxes, and I personally designed each and every box where I now keep those precious little tokens that I received from my angels. I now have three "time capsules" that I can share with my kids. I will purchase three more and encourage my kids to build their own time capsules. This will fuel up their creativity to personalize their own box and best of all, it will teach them to value the small and memorable things in life.

- by Ai-

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  1. i keep memorabilia in a box too!

  2. here i thought i was the only one who did things like that

  3. Another soul with a memorabilia box here!! ♡