Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cruise Lines

An online travel blog says cruise vacations are growing in popularity. In 2012, the total number of vacationers who took a cruise exceeded 20 million. This represents a ten percent increase over the previous year.

According to the blog, this number constitutes 11.5 million Americans, 6.2 million Europeans including 1.7 million Britons and 2.9 million holidaymakers from other parts of the world. Several cruise associations compiled the statistics. The Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) and Passenger Shipping Association (PSA) are just two of many examples.
Me And Some Sights On Our Prince William Sound Glacier and Wildlife Cruise

These associations attribute the growth in cruise holidays to the industry’s resilience. Cruise bookings stalled after the Costa Concordia disaster, but travel agents say they returned to normal levels after a few months. A recent survey found that 96 percent of vacationers were not put off by the incident.

HCP Aboard Publishing is an example of a company that produces destination guides, hotel books, in-flight magazines, travel videos and other resources. Companies like this one provide travel information for a variety of destinations. Bermuda, Charleston, Curacao, Jamaica, Los Cabos, Miami and the Virgin Islands are among the most popular destinations.

Travel videos are a valuable addition to printed travel publications. They are ideal for concierge desks and hotel video monitors. They give vacationers a sneak peek at some of the most coveted travel destinations in the world.
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  1. I would wanna try such vacation in the future. :p But I have to wait for my two little ones to be older first.

  2. I have been on some absolutely wonderful cruises and not ready again for a while, but I definitely love them for large gatherings. No one has to fight about who has to cook!

  3. I would love to one sweet day go on a cruise! I just love that photo of you in the collage!! you look so fabulous! the wonderwoman I so adore!

  4. This is really a thing to consider, thank you very much regarding writing about this subject. . !