Monday, November 18, 2013

3 Free Online Platforms that Make Exercise, Yoga And Healthy Eating Easy

If there was ever a time to start living a better life, that time would be now.

This is because lifestyle professionals like personal trainers, yoga teachers and food specialists are using the power of the Internet to make valuable routines and insight available for free.  Now, instead of paying outrageous fees for personal trainers and "healthy recipe" newsletters, you can get everything online without ever paying a cent.

But there's a flip side to all this.  The Internet is home to more unqualified lifestyle instructors than it is to qualified ones.  Where qualified instructors make it their mission to educate the world through health-conscious practice, unqualified ones have a different agenda.  They're either trying to monetize their site with ads or are simply unqualified to instruct individuals about how to improve their life.
You can rest easy though.

Here, I'm going to show you some of the best online wellness platforms that offer valuable instruction for free.  All you have to do is take some time out of your day and use this instruction to improve your life.

Best Free Exercise Platform –

Coach Kozak leads this website with the help of some other fitness gurus.  He believes that everyone deserves the chance to be healthy and satisfied with their appearance, all without ever having to pay for a gym membership.

In addition to writing fitness articles, he also provides users with an entire library of interactive fitness videos.  Many of these videos – all available through YouTube – don't require anything except some raw ambition and a pair of light dumbbells.

HasFit also offers free monthly routines to keep you on track and motivated.  My favorite routine is the 90-Day Warrior Workout Routine.  Not only did it increase my fitness level, but kept me from having to purchase a gym membership and spend more than 30 minutes per day working out.
Don't get me wrong, it feels good to work out, but if I had to choose between a one-hour long gym workout and a 20-minute HasFit workout, I'd always pick the latter.  Why?  Because you get as much bang for your buck in less than half the time!  You also don't waste time traveling back and forth to the gym and don't waste money on a gym membership.

According to the website, "HASfit will always be FREE because we believe that every Heart And Soul deserves to be fit."

Note: To get even more out of Coach Kozak's interactive exercise routines, try integrating different exercise equipment into your workouts.

Best Free Yoga Platform – is made possible by hundreds of yoga instructors all over the world.  It's here where you can read articles by reputable yoga instructors on mindfulness, meditation and good yoga practice.  You can also access free exercise routines that are easy for beginners.

Like HasFit's videos, nearly every recorded yoga routine on is interactive and led by instructors who are passionate about helping people feel better.
I first heard of this amazing website after coming across Erin Motz's 30-Day Yoga Challenge.  Until I was recommended to this by a friend, I had never practiced yoga before.  Various online mentors in my career field had talked about the amazing benefits of yoga and meditation, but I never took action until I started the 30-day challenge.
To complete this challenge successfully, I recommend starting each day with the scheduled yoga routine.  Although it's hard to wake up earlier than you normally do, push yourself to do so.  By practicing yoga with Motz before you start your day, you'll feel calmer and be more productive. 
As Motz says at the end of every routine, Namaste!

Best Free Healthy Eating Platform –

Vani, the Food Babe, has appeared on just about every major news outlet in the country and has a habit of getting on the "bad side" of popular food companies.  Part of her craft is taking items we eat every day and breaking down the ingredients inside them.  Using scientific evidence, experience and insight from other foodies, she offers an amazing degree of transparency into the food we eat.

Although is more of a blog than a platform like and, Vani's articles are factual, entertaining and, of course, free!  In addition to shedding light on the food we eat, she also publishes healthy, delicious recipes for your cooking pleasure.

If you want to get a good taste of the valuable information in Vani's articles, check out her Tricky Juice Label article that tells you why V8 and other "healthy juices" aren't as healthy as they're advertised as being.

About The Author
Robert Gibb is a writer, visionary and optimist at In addition to writing for small businesses and fellow visionaries, he also exercises, practices yoga and eats right on a daily basis.
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  1. I will check them out, Beth. Since my desire to stay fit and healthy was made known, i was invited by some pilates company to try out a family session. Haha!

  2. Wow, just the perfect sites for me to explore! I haven't tried yoga yet. Maybe it is time I did! I am curious about foodbabe, sounds like someone healthy and funny and who doesn't like fun while staying fit? Love yah!

  3. I use the internet for exercises a lot. I don't know about this site, so I will have a look. It's great that they offer different styles for free. smiles.