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Why Do Geeks Find It Easier To Achieve Success In Life

Although geeks are usually considered as social outcast, they easily achieve success in their chosen career. The lifestyle of geeks helps them to develop the attributes needed to have a successful career.

Why Do Geeks Find It Easier To Achieve Success in Life
Take a look at a lot of the successful people in different spheres of human endeavors. Many of them were geeks back in their high school and college days and are still geeks. Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg, and Richard Branson were not considered as cool kids in their high school days. As a result, they were not popular in their respective high school and colleges.
But currently, these guys are the definition of success. They have brought innovations that have added enormous value to human life. As a result of the success these geeks – who were not popular and not-so-cool kids back in their school days — have achieved in their chosen careers, they have become famous, renowned, and extremely popular all over the world. In facts, these geeks are living legends: their achievements have inspired a lot of people from different parts of the world to go after their dreams.
Reasons Why Geeks Easily Find Success in Life
Geeks are very intelligent people that devote almost all their time to their passion. Many geeks even sacrifice their social lives in order to concentrate on improving on the skills needed to get them to the pinnacle of their chosen career. A Google search of the word geek will usually show two results: an unfashionable and socially inept person or a person with unusual devotion to a particular interest. Thus, geeks are generally considered as social outcasts, even though this is not entirely true.
As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Since geeks spend an enormous amount of time working hard to develop and improve their skills, it should not come as a surprise that geeks are usually the best in their chosen careers. Geeks have put in the hard work needed to take them to the top of their chosen careers. Since success loves hard work, success will come more easily to geeks than others.
Hard work always pays. And geeks are very hard working people. They dedicate their time and energy to develop their talents and skills. Thus, it should be expected that they should be the leader in their chosen careers. Geeks are the experts people usually turn to when a problem arises. In the different industries, geeks are the problem-solvers.
Let us use high school and college as a case study to bring home the point of why geeks find it easy to achieve success than the popular kids. In high school and colleges, the popular kids are popular because of the pranks they can successfully pull off, their good looks, and rude behaviors that people consider cool in back high school and college days. Thus, the popular kids were the cynosure of all eyes; they dominate the social scenes: the girls and parties. As a result, the popular kids spend more time on their social lives rather than their book work. Consequently, majority of the so-called popular kids in high school and colleges usu-ally end up with bad grades.
The geeks are not only smart but also hard working students. They dedicate their time to their book work and end up with fantastic grades. Geeks know that the schooling period of their lives is the only time they can acquire knowledge in a systemic way. Thus, they devote their time to maximize the opportunity of acquiring knowledge provided by school.
In the labor market, employers value knowledge, hard work, discipline and dedication. The geeks have virtually all the attrib-utes needed by employers. Thus, geeks usually snap up the fantastic jobs, leaving the not-so-fantastic jobs for the others. For geeks that choose to go into business, they already have most of the qualities needed for success in business: knowledge, hard work, dedication and discipline. Since geeks spend the better part of their lives improving on their talents and developing the at-tributes needed for success in life, it should be expected that they will easily find success in life.

About the Author 

Scott Campbell is a psychologist that has done a lot of research on the lifestyle of some of the most successful people in the history of the human race. He is also an experienced gamer what has been written about Elder Scrolls Online and other MMORPG titles.
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  1. and geeks are usually the humblest at school, and very respectful as well.

  2. this is the very reason why M is so adamant about developing his offspring as geeks. hehehe

  3. My son Francis has the makings of a geek, or so I think hehe, :)

  4. Too bad I am not a geek. LOL :D