Wednesday, October 09, 2013

The Three P’s of Family Vacation Safety

Preparing for your vacation typically involves setting your travel plans in motion and securing your home before your departure. These are smart things to do and help ensure your home security while you are gone, but what you may not have considered is your personal safety while you are on your family vacation. Making sure you and your family are secure is just as important as making sure that you home is secure during your absence. In order to do this you should follow the three P’s of family vacation safety; PLAN, PREPARE, PREVENT.

If an emergency arises during your vacation, things can get extremely chaotic. Being in unfamiliar surroundings can make things all the more confusing. This is why you should begin your planning before you even choose a hotel to stay at. In the United States, hotel rooms are considered to be inhabitable if there is no smoke alarm or fire sprinkler in place and in working order. Unfortunately, not all hotels follow the letter of the law, so make sure that you ask the proper questions to protect your family. You should also ask if there are security cameras installed at all the entrances and exits of the hotel before making a commitment to stay there. Upon arrival at your hotel, be sure to locate evacuation information in case of a natural disaster or fire. Go over this information with all members of your family so everyone knows what to do in case of an emergency. Choose a spot to meet at in case you are separated during an emergency as well. While an emergency is unlikely to occur, planning things out just in case is the smartest way to go. Remember Murphy’s Law!

If you are traveling with teenagers, you can be sure that they will want some freedom to explore on their own! This is okay and only you know what limits you should set. No matter what those limits are, prepare your teen for anything that can go wrong and what to do if something does. Also be sure to designate a curfew so you will know when to expect them back. Let them know that if they miss their curfew that you will have to assume there is something wrong and come looking for them. Make sure that they have a cell phone so you can have constant contact.
If you have smaller children with you, make sure that they know the name of the hotel you are staying at, the room number and your cell phone number. Of course they will not be permitted to wander off alone, but anything can happen. They may get separated from you by accident. There may be an emergency where you get separated. They may simply wander off and get lost. By having the right information they can get back to you safe and sound. Make sure that they understand about stranger danger and let them know who “safe” people are. (Hotel employees, security guards, police officers, etc.) It is also a good idea to have them carry an ID card with them at all times.

Many accidents can be prevented. When you enter your hotel room, do a sweep for any safety issues. Make sure that the coffee pot is up high enough to keep little hands off of it. If there is a balcony, make sure that the door has a good lock on it and that any outdoor furniture is far enough away from the edge so that no one can climb up and fall. Keep the door double locked when you are in the room at all times. I can vouch for this safety measure personally. While staying in Staten Island last winter, we double locked the door before bed. When we woke up in the morning the door was open as far as the upper latch would allow, so someone did try to break into my family’s room during the night. See how the little things can make a big difference?
If you plan, prepare and prevent then you have just done the best you do to protect your family during your vacation. If you have any further security or safety concerns, address them with the hotel manager.

This article was provided by Protective Technologies International
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  1. i do the planning and preparing, the hubby does most of the preventing. :D

  2. Great reminders, I am with you! Unfortunately, or fortunately - there is always two ways to look at things, I am with a guy who thinks scars are cool. ;-0

  3. The hubby and I are planning a vacation somewhere away from home with the kids. This helped me a lot. I gotta make the kids informed and always alert when travelling. )