Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Best Budget Adventure Holidays

Exploring the world is a great way to see new things and enjoy different experiences while learning new things about yourself along the way. Although adventure tours can be quite pricy, people who are on a tight budget will find that there are many types of adventure holidays that they can enjoy without breaking the bank.

Mountain biking, Cameron Highlands
The Cameron Highlands can be found in the north of Malaysia and this is an area of stunning natural beauty. Hiring a mountain bike in the Cameron Highlands is extremely cheap and travellers will be able to spend several days cycling along well-worn paths that run through the jungles to take in a stunning range of flora and fauna. The Cameron Highlands are also famous for their tea plantations and following the narrow roads that wind their way around hills alongside these tea plantations is an uplifting experience. 

Trekking, Nepal
The northern region of Nepal is a popular destination with mountain climbers and people travel to this stunning part of the country to tackle the mighty mountains of the Himalayas. Unfortunately, people who are on a tight budget will probably find that mountain climbing in Nepal is outside of their budget. However, the mountains that are situated around the stunning lakeside town of Pokhara offer visitors plenty of exhilarating trekking opportunities and this is the perfect way for budget travellers to get a feel for the intense natural beauty of Nepal. 

Zip lining, Thailand
Those who have a head for heights are sure to love the feeling of swooping through the trees in northern Thailand. A number of companies can be found deep in the heart of the jungles on the edge of the northern city of Chiang Mai that offer visitors the change to fly while clipped securely to an aerial zip line. This is a great way to see the jungles of northern Thailand in a whole new way and the experience includes transportation from Chiang Mai as well as lunch and the chance to play on an aerial assault course and really push yourself to the limit. 

Kayaking, Halong Bay
Halong Bay in Vietnam is another part of the world that is famous for its natural beauty and perhaps the best way to experience this is by kayaking. Rather than joining a guided tour of Halong Bay, independent travellers can hire a kayak from a local company and take their time really getting to know the area under their own steam. Halong Bay is listed as one of the natural wonders of the world and the area includes several sea caves for visitors to explore as well as several stunning islands such as Cat Ba, Ban Sen, Quan Lan and the large island of Van Don. 

Mountain Climbing, Sri Lanka
Watching the sun rise from the top of Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka is an unforgettable experience that people from all walks of life are sure to love. It takes around four hours to climb to the top of this mighty mountain, which means that people who wish to arrive at the summit in time for dawn will need to start at around 2am. Although the climb can be rather challenging at times, there is a well-worn and lit trail leading to the top of Adam’s Peak as well as plenty of tea stalls along the way where climbers can pause to get their breath back and warm up for a few minutes. 

Of course, these are just a few of the adventure experiences that are waiting for budget travellers. Other good ways to save money while seeing the world include camping in a national park, staying with a host family and joining a volunteer programme.

About the Guest Author:
Larry Haim is a freelance writer. When not writing, he loves trekking and mountain climbing.
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  1. I always wanted to see those places and countries that I taught in Asian History when I was a high school teacher. Thanks for these tips.

  2. Cameron Highlands and Halong Bay are on my must visit in Asia. Hope we get to explore those places one of these days.

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