Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Partying In Style in San Diego

Home Sweet Home, San Diego

There is not one simple description that could characterize San Diego. People would often describe this city as "America's finest", but others contest why would it be finest when people have to work so hard to pay for the high cost of living. Others would describe San Diego as "the place with a perpetual weather for a paradise living year round". But others were drawn away from this paradise because of its price. A lot of San Diegans who chose to have a taste of year round paradise work harder to afford the quality of life they so care passionately: a balance of relaxing nature and work in a city. Research and manufacturing ( biotech, aerospace, computer, action sports apparel, etc) is San Diego's top industry, followed by military and tourism. It is said, that San Diego's success in luring brain power is its idyllic natural features. San Diego boasts of an academic and scientific community saturated with brain power, boasting of more PhD's per capita than any other parts of the country. The balance of city, scientific community, and nature enthusiasts make for a lifestyle that is a lot different than most other places. San Diegans work harder and longer  to afford their slice of paradise outdoors. Despite of their mostly mentally demanding jobs and long hours of work, hardly do the stress show in their faces, for they make the most of the power of nature and outdoor in healing and relaxing. Making the most of what they are paying for is carried on even to partying. Partying San Diego style. 
from the city to the blue ocean, to the mountains and to the shining desert sea, San Diego never runs out of places to explore

San Diego's lifestyle is more dominated by the enchanting natural features that surround it. The County has 70 miles of sparkling beaches, tranquil bays, rugged coastal canyons, boulder-strewn foothills, oak and pine clad mountains, and vast desert spaces. It is no surprise for me to see most parties centered around fun physical activity outdoors, not simply centered on foods, drinks, and chats. 

So, how do San Diegans party in style? Here are some of the different ways of partying in style. 

1. Beach Party. You will see a lot of celebration and kids' birthday party in beach parks. With very simple preparation, such as themed cupcakes and a few additional simple finger foods, kids are having so much fun playing with the sand and surf while partying. Kids in wet suit party having fun playing with the waves? Partying kids with a sand bucket and shovel, or with skim boards and boogie boards? Well, perhaps, only in San Diego! :) That's one way to have an inexpensive partying in style.

2. Hiking Party. For the older kids who could be on their own, and adults, another way of partying in style is by hiking party. Though I usually dislike to see crowds when I am hiking, but then, sometimes, I am entertained in seeing a group of people hiking together because they are celebrating family reunion, or a friend's birthday, or even as simple as partying in the summit because they all just passed their final exam. Once they reach the mountain summit, they start opening their food boxes and beverages, while celebrating and posing for fun group pictures. It indeed, is such partying in style!
one of the popular party places for the "hikers" in San Diego

3. Surfing Party. One of the most unique birthday party I saw was when a group of friends were in a circle at the sea, with the celebrant at the center. They were singing their happy song for the celebrant. After the singing, they all try to ride the wave in one line. As if the dolphins were given invitation, not far from the group of celebrating surfers, were also surfing dolphins jumping in glee. It reminded me of what a student so joyfully told me before: "Professor, I just had the best birthday gift ever! Dolphins were swimming and surfing with me all the time I was in the water, they never left me!" It reminded me as well of one incident where I felt like dolphins came greeting me happy birthday, it was one of my happiest birthday partying in style with the dolphins, in the middle of the sea.
4. Party Bus. There are many ways why a party bus could add more fun to a party. Click Here to get more ideas on how party bus rentals could roll your party in style and first class fashion. Let me share with you a party San Diego style with a party bus. This is shared to me by a friend, whose daughter recently celebrated her 18th birthday and high school graduation with top honors. My friend shared that the idea was her daughter's. She was thankful and proud that her daughter did not choose the extravagant birthday and graduation party she at first offered. Rather, her daughter asked if she could save the left-over money for her university studies.

Her daughter's idea of birthday + graduation party was to travel local, hike, explore and photograph nature with her closest friends in style. She had 10- 15 friends in her list, so my friend decided to treat her daughter with a party bus. Her daughter's party started at their house where the luxury party bus rental picked up her daughter and friends.  Having the bus all to themselves, her daughter's group of friends started rolling to party in style in the bus. There were singing, story telling, humor sharing, some quick dancing, and whatever fun they could think of, until they were dropped off at University of California- San Diego's (UCSD) Scripps Coastal Biodiversity Reserve (or The Knoll).
UCSD Scripps Coastal Biodiversity Reserve ( The Knoll )
note: we were not at the exclusive teens-only party, just using my pictures to describe the places chosen by my friend's daughter to party with her friends

A party bus was really very convenient for a small group of friends who plans to hike down to the beach, go tidepooling below, then, have the birthday + graduation party lunch at The Shores. Parking at The Knoll is only good for 2 hours ( parking is free but limited in time), and my friend's daughter's idea of partying in style which was hiking down to go tidepooling and then late lunch at The Shores would take them more than 2 hours! The party bus solved that parking problem. Also, the kids didn't have to hike back to the Knoll after The Shores because the party bus would be picking them up at The Shores. 

From the Knoll, the party hiked down to the beach, then, walked South to La Jolla Shores, stopping by to explore Dike Rock tidepool. 
Scripps Coastal Biodiversity Reserve ( the coast, or @ Scripps Institution of Oceanography )

Actually, my friend asked me to help her daughter plan for the day and time where kids would have the best time exploring. I did not really help much, instead, I just referred them to the La Jolla Tides table, where they could view the tide forecast for the year. I told them best hike down would be 30 minutes before the low tide, so they would be at the tidepool by low tide to experience the amazing ocean creatures exposed by the receding waves. I was glad to know from my friend later that her daughter reported her party had the best time and everyone had a great and most wonderful time experiencing the tidepool, saying it was a party like no other. A combination of fun, learning ( her daughter's friends were all oceanography and nature buffs ) and time spent joyfully with friends. Partying, in San Diego style. 

After the tidepool, they continued walking South to La Jolla Shores. They had fun walking in style, jumping in style, picture taking in style, partying in style. 
La Jolla Shores
When they reached The Shores, they were right in time for their late lunch partying in style.
Dining @ The Shores
After their late lunch party, they had some time left to explore more before the party bus picks them up after sunset for home. 
La Jolla Caves, accessed by foot from The Shores
The icing of the partying in style? Sunset at La Jolla Shores. 
Sunset At The Shore
After sunset, the group were picked up by the party bus at La Jolla Shores in their return home. How convenient it was for the partying teens to be dropped off at The Knoll, and then picked up at a different location, at La Jolla Shores. Their partying was not over after sunset, because they continued their partying in style in the party bus on their way home.

My friend shared that her daughter and friends sounded and looked happiest when they got off the bus, saying, "IT WAS THE BEST PARTY WE EVER HAD! WHAT AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE!" Everyone thanked her for the experience, and her daughter could not thank her enough for giving her the kind of party she wished with her closest friends, before they all say good bye to each other as they went to attend different universities. 

The partying in style with a party bus is just but one example of how to party in style in San Diego. There are many more different ways to party in style. San Diego County has so much to offer, there is the little wine country and vineyard for a winery tour for those who prefers to party in style riding the hot air balloon sipping a glass of wine over a vineyard at Temecula. For the sports lover, they could party in style at either PADRES or CHARGERS stadium during Padres or Chargers game. For the museum lovers, they could party in style at Balboa Park, which has 15 museums or more in one park. For the animal lovers, they could party in style at San Diego Zoo Safari Park. I could go on....and on....listing the many ways to party in style. For all of these, when partying becomes less hassle if not thinking of who would be driving, and to party in style together even while on the road, there is Party Bus San Diego. 
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