Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Keeping Warm this Winter

We are fast approaching the year's end and it time again for that chilly wind to start blowing our way. I have always favored the cold months over the hot and dry ones. The beautiful colors of the fall and the wonderfully white snow of the winter thrills me. 

The perfect gift for my hubby!
Lately I have been window shopping and browsing websites for a good jacket to give my husband for his birthday. Like me, he too loves the colder climates. His old winter jacket is worn out and is nearing retirement. A nice, handsome jacket would be the perfect gift for him.

I discovered excellent navy flight jackets at The hubby is very patriotic and has the highest regard for the members of the military. It was his dream to enlist, but his poor vision was a major disqualification. Nevertheless, owning a navy flight jacket would get him as close as he can to his dream. The materials are really sturdy and will last a long time. It is made of the same unyielding standards as the authentic G1 military version. Its lining is guaranteed to keep him warm plus the ribbed cuffs and hem are excellent to trap the warmth inside. In addition to that, an imprint of the US flag is sewn into the lining. Now that shows off patriotism! 

However, the best part is its affordable price! For less than $200, I can give my hubby a feel of the dream and I can be sure that he would enjoy the cold outdoors and keeping himself warm at the same time. I have placed my order and got a confirmation that I will be getting the package in two days! Just in time for my hubby's birthday. I might also get one for myself, because they have the same kind in ladies' sizes! 

Cold and warmth. I am definitely going to enjoy winter this year.

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  1. It has become a bit cooler on my side of the world too, time to bring out jackets too :)