Sunday, October 27, 2013

Buying a Vacation Home in the Dominican Republic


With the classically enchanting beauty of the Caribbean, particularly the Dominican Republic, it would be difficult to blame people for badly wanting to buy a vacation house facing the gorgeous ocean, giving its occupant the joy of inhaling fresh, salty, sea air and hearing nothing apart from the soothing sound of crashing sea waves. The Caribbean experience is just too beautiful to miss, that some would even consider making it their second home.
Fortunately, real estate prices in the DR are quite reasonable, and foreign ownership is pretty much easier than it would normally be elsewhere. As a matter of fact, foreign owners share the same rights with locals who have been residing in the country all their lives.
Buying real estate in the Dominican Republic should be fuss-free, so long as you are careful and wise in making major decisions. The following are some measures you should follow when buying a house in this part of the Caribbean:
  1. Hire a real estate lawyer.
Getting scammed is not uncommon especially when you carelessly entrust your endeavors to an unscrupulous real estate agent. To protect your rights as the buyer, hire a lawyer who has the power and capability to authenticate documents and titles. If the real estate agency already has an attorney, then better. This could be an assurance that they are legitimate and are properly abiding by the real estate laws of the land. Make sure that you also check on the ownership background of the property in question in order to
  1. Run a background check on your real estate agency as well.
Ensuring the credibility of your real estate agency is very important as you will be depending on their referrals and recommendations for other aspects of your home building project. Hiring the wrong agency can domino on the succeeding steps, so be very careful about this. Fortunately, there are now a number of agencies that put up company websites for foreign clients to peruse. One of these includes which offers comprehensive agency information and even testimonials from previous clients.

  1. Choose a home that meets all your wants and needs.
Would you like your vacation home to be a beachfront beauty? Or do you want it to have a pool amenity? Always remember your preference in regards to real estate amenities. If you shove these in the backseat just because you found a charming little cottage tucked in a remote corner of the city, then it won’t be long until you realize that you missed the point of buying a vacation home in the Caribbean.
  1. Your vacation home should be favorably located.
Though you won’t be living there permanently and could always just stock up on supplies when you do go there for a vacation, location is still of essence because it will significantly affect the resale value of your property. Properties in beachfront areas are generally in demand and buyers are more willing to spend on real estate in these prime locations.
The aforementioned tips should help you make a real estate decision that you will not regret. These, however, do not necessarily guarantee a flawless journey but rather reduce the risk for mishaps.

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  1. I wish I could buy a vacation home there. ♥

  2. Knowing several people from the Dominican Republic, i can see why this would be wonderful...some how i want to get there