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Snow Clad Vacation in the Valley of Flowers National Park

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In the monsoon, when rain drops fold planet earth into a loving embrace, Valley of Flower comes to life in full bloom. This Himalayan valley proudly displays more than 300 different alpine flowers. In rainfall each one of these flowers blossom in vivid shades, creating a contract against the snow clothed backdrop that looms behind them.

The park is huge. Its boundary stretches more than 55 miles. In 1982, it was declared a National Park. Surrounded by forests and waterfall, nothing will

Brief History of the Park
Every place has got its own share of history. National Park is no an alien to this rule either. This park was discovered by British Mountaineer Frank S. Smythe.

Going There
Valley of Flower is well connected to the rest of the country as this is a famous tourist spot and people like to spend their vacation in places where they can be close to nature. The nearest airport is Dehradun. Train service is also available. You can get off at Rishikesh and then take a bus. If you are considering this vacation, you need to be prepared for hard work. Buses or vehicles will take you to Govind Ghat and from there you will have to trek. The path is narrow. Yet, it is well defined and not dangerous to travel along. Do not mistake this trek as long walks down the city streets. It takes near between four and eight hours to reach the valley.

Right Time to Visit
This valley is open in certain time of the year. From the beginning of June to the beginning of October is the time when you can visit the park. The rest of the year, this valley relaxes under the cape of snow. After the first rain fall, the valley burst into colors and get ready to welcome the tourists.  If you decide to visit valley of flower before June, you will hardly be able to enjoy the array of bloom that the valley is so famous for. Yet, the valley will not disappoint you. This is the time when glacier melts and the sight is awe striking. Tourists visit the valley to watch the melting snow as well. The color fades as August passes by and the vividness slowly disappears. The flowers die after turning yellowish and snow covers the valley in its white shroud.
Opening Hours
The park is under control of Uttarakhand State Forest Department. You cannot explore the park through out the day. The park opens at 6 am in the morning and remains open till 6 pm in the evening. If you have the desire to camp in the park, it is important to remember that you cannot camp here as it is prohibited. 3 pm is the last entry time. If you arrive after that you may be denied entry in the park. You can access the park from Ghangaria.
This valley is nestled in the lap of Himalayan region. The climate is normally dry but heavy rain fall during the monsoon time keeps the soil wet. The temperature becomes pleasant from mid April.
Fee and Required Permit
This you need to confirm before getting there as the amount may get updated. Indian tourists need to pay Rs 150. The foreigners need to pay more than that. They may have to pay Rs 600 for 3 persons. For those who love adventure can trek in the valley.
Food is important and when you are visiting a place, you need to know about what you can get to fill your stomach. Unfortunately, you will get nothing in the national park. Thus you need to take your lunch or snacks from Ghangria. This is a tourist spot and many quality restaurants are there. You can get quality Indian food from this place. However, try not to take heavy or spicy food for your trekking venture. Dry food is the best option when you are going on a difficult journey as such.
Because this is a tourist spot many hotels and lodging is available. You will be able to find cost effective accommodations that will come for Rs 1500. These lodgings are available at Ghangaria. If you have luxury accommodation in mind, you can forget about that as luxury hotels are not available.
Prepare for the Tour
This is not an easy journey. Your stamina will be tested here. Therefore, get in touch with a doctor before you plan the trip. Get yourself thoroughly checked. If you have heart ailment, you may not want to go on a laborious trip like this one. Be sure to keep cash within reach. ATM may not be available in such a remote area. In addition, be prepared to combat cold at night as the temperature tends to fall down after dark. Be equipped with warm cloths and blankets. These will help you stay out of sudden fever or ailments. Another important fact, pack a medicine box before reaching the park.  
After the deadly rain fall trekking and visiting this park has been prohibited as the iron bridge connecting the path has been demolished totally. However, with effort a new bridge has been built and now the area can be accessed through this bridge. By September first week this bridge will be opened and the trekking can be resumed or so the authority believes. Fortunately, the Hemkund Sahib has endured minimum damage and can be reopened as soon as the bridge is repaired. Therefore, it is important that you enquire before boarding the train or flight.    

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