Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sky Dive at 70? Your Body Can Handle it With Advances in Orthopedics

This is a guest post by Lindsey P, a health and fitness expert who enjoys volunteering at her local seniors citizens center.

Life isn't what it used to be. And thank goodness, because the quality of life for today's seniors is light years beyond what it was even just 50 years ago. Life expectancy, advances in the orthopedics medical field, and attention to diet and exercise have improved life for people over age 65 in Oklahoma City and across the nation, allowing them to remain active and engaged well into their "golden years."

Orthopedic surgery can play a large role in improving quality of life by eliminating chronic pain, improving an individual's ability to move and revitalizing their social life.

Eliminating Pain

Living with chronic pain isn't truly living at all. The pain becomes your main focus, inhibiting your ability to go about your daily routine, engage with your family and friends, and participate in your favorite activities. And yet, approximately 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain.

The causes of chronic pain vary from person to person and ailment to ailment. Joint pain and arthritis often lead to chronic pain. Knee pain places a particular strain on people because we use our knees with every step we take. When your knees and other joints in your legs hurt constantly, even walking across the room for a glass of water becomes a painstaking task.

Orthopedic surgery to replace and repair joints can alleviate or eliminate chronic pain caused by arthritis and the natural deterioration of our tendons and bones. Additionally, a recent study of Medicare records indicates that patients who had knee replacement surgery had a lower risk for heart disease and even death.

Get Moving

Another benefit to orthopedic surgery is regaining movement and mobility. Pain in joints can make simple movements like standing and walking difficult. The less we move, the more our health suffers. We can gain weight, become stiffer in other areas, and lose muscle mass.

Orthopedic surgery on joints can help people regain the mobility they had prior to surgery, even promoting mobility since patients now understand the benefits and enjoyment of moving once they lost it.

Once the pain is gone and recovery is complete, patients often return to their old activities and even try new things, like sky diving, perhaps because they know what living without the possibility of trying new things can bring.

A New Lease on Life

The news media often reports on joint replacement patients who suddenly rediscover their lives after recovering from orthopedic surgery. Whereas before surgery, pain dominated their lives, after surgery, mobility and the freedom to return to the activities they once enjoyed became their main goal.

Golf, walking, exercise, social outings — these activities can become excruciatingly painful when your joints hurt. Not participating in these activities means much more than losing the chance to exercise. It also often means losing the chance to interact with friends and loved ones.

For those who want to enhance their social lives by gaining better mobility, consider exploring orthopedics in Oklahoma City or anywhere else in the country.

No longer do people have to passively watch as their knees, ankles, and other joints rob them of the pleasures they once enjoyed. Find relief from pain, regain your mobility, and enhance your quality of life by exploring how orthopedics could help you.
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  1. I know it is true that a lot of people live in pain and suffer from pain. It is very distracting to our daily lives. Great to know about orthopedics.

  2. Wow I would love to be as active too as a senior citizen! Commenting here using blogaway a mobile app I found which allows me to have a reading list and comment easily. :) now instead of fb I'd be reading blogs! Yabyew wonderwoman.