Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Exercise Gadgets that help to keep you fit

There’s not one of us out there that does not want the perfect body! We all know how to go about getting one, yet we do not do it, why? Because we are lazy? Because exercise is boring? Whatever the reason a lot of us are very unmotivated. We know how you feel! So here are some tech gadgets that will help you along the way, help you see the progress you are making and will get you motivated!

Ki Fit

The Ki Fit has been described as the only multi-sensor media monitor’ available in the UK.  It is a highly tuned sensor that you normally wear on your upper arm, which tracks the amount of calories that you burn and the number of steps you take. You have to sign up to an online account where you can enter everything you eat and drink so you know where you are going wrong and what it is you need to change.


This fabric is designed by movedancewear and is specifically dancer’s, with the high grade material, classic designs and brilliant fits, each item helps to cater for a dancer’s needs, and the items are great value for money too!

Smart Body Analyser by Withings

This is in essence a set of scales, however they are a very technologically advanced pair of scales and help you to really lose weight and motivate yourself. It is fitted with lots of sensors that help to measure your BMI, weight, body fat percentage and heart rate. This genius invention will also measure air quality when used in the home which helps you to find out how the environment may or may not be affecting your sleeping habits. It stores all of this data, and then it is transferred over Bluetooth to your smartphone (iOS or Android) – clever eh!

AiQ BioMan Tank

This work-out shirt is exactly what you need if you do a lot of running! This shirt contains all the hardware needed to track the workouts that you do and send them to your phone. Instead of using a regular fabric, this shirt uses fabrics containing steel yarns and threads that act as wearable electrodes, helping to measure your fitness. It also has a Bluetooth radio installed – although we don’t know whereabouts! This sends all the readings to your smartphone, helping you keep up-to-date with the progress you are making. On top of all of this, the top is machine washable! Crazy!



This amazing invention counts the number of times you put the fork to your mouth so you cannot lie to yourself and say you only had 3 bites of the cake when really you had 10! It is very easy to use and there is no special way to use it, the fork counts how many servings you have had during a meal, and then it saves the data and records it on you phone for eternity! It also recognises when you are eating too fast and gently vibrates to let you know that you need to slow down just a bit!

About the Guest Author:
Joanna is a fitness instructor from Leeds
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  2. Hahaha I want to have that fork! These are such cool gadgets to have!♥