Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Why You Need a Yacht Manager

If you’re a yacht enthusiast, your own yacht will probably be your pride and joy. Spending all their time on the water and exposed to the elements can eventually take its toll on a boat, so it’s important that you are able to maintain it properly to keep it looking and performing its best, particularly if you are a racer. This is why it can be incredibly useful to get yourself a yacht manager if you don’t have the time to dedicate to looking after your yacht 24/7.

If you don’t live close to the coast, it is unrealistic to expect that you will be able to regularly check up on your yacht to make sure everything is still in working order. That is where the yacht manager comes in. They are able to keep an eye on your yacht for you, to perform any maintenance work which needs doing and keep it looking its best at the times when it’s inconvenient for you to do it yourself.
They are trained experts who know yachts inside out, and will know which problems commonly affect yachts of your type so that they can watch out for any known issues. If anything goes wrong, they will be on hand to fix it immediately and can inform you about what has happened so that you don’t return to it months later to find it in a state of total disrepair. The inspections from the yacht manager should keep you on top of any problems so that they can be fixed.

Furthermore, you will want to keep your boat looking its best, but it’s not always easy to do when you’re not there to monitor it. You can inform your yacht manager what you would like to be done to keep it looking its best, including cleaning and valeting. It won’t just look great sat in the marina, it will also look fantastic when it goes out to race or during a leisure sail.

The yacht management programme should also provide you with somewhere to store all of your yachting equipment and sails to prevent damage or theft, and your yacht is guaranteed to stay safe for added peace of mind. The advice you will receive from your yacht manager will be second to none, as they have years of expertise, so you can rest assured that you’re leaving your yacht in the safest of hands.

About the Guest Author:

Carrie Fishwick is a boating enthusiast who helps yacht owners without the time to spend on the upkeep of their boats
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  1. hmmm. I will definitely need a yacht manager when I buy a yacht. Hope I will have enough money to pay him though. LOL but really it makes sense if you need to protect your investment.

  2. I'd love to have a yacht. I would be on the water more than I ever have before.