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Reasons to Move to Daytona For Good

When people speak of Daytona, one thing immediately comes to mind—racing. Daytona is host to America’s number one racing circuit—the Daytona 500. People from all over America, and the world, come to Daytona to watch race cars leave marks on the asphalt and hear the sound of cars swooshing by the track. Not only that, the whole event is packed with other activities that make the visit even more exciting. Moreover, outside the speedway, the city is rich with history, culture, and natural wonders. It has also been getting much attention in golf in the recent months.
Many decide to move in for good after having visited the city. Plus, this isn’t much of a hassle because there are numerous apartments all throughout Daytona to choose from. Still doubtful?

Read on and you will certainly be convinced:

To top things off, a little history of Daytona. The land was first discovered by a world-renowned explorer by the name of Ponce de Leon. He landed on the naturally rich Deleon Springs. The next person to make a mark in the city was Matthias Day. As the founder of Daytona Beach, he was so moved of the beauty of the shore and the natural splendor of the sand and nature that he went on to make the beach’s first hotel. Racing itself was not invented in Daytona, but around 1900's the sport’s popularity burgeoned and from them on, it became home to numerous land speed records. Around the 1950s, the Daytona International Speedway opened its gates to the public; back then the speedway hosted an average of one hundred thousand visitors per year; which was at the time, considered a large crowd. That average has multiplied exponentially in the succeeding years until present. Visitors of the event now amount to 8 million per year.

Culture and arts
If its rich history does not interest you, then maybe the city’s 24-hour energy will. All around the city are diverse names of party locations. From clubs to comedy bars; you’ll know that you’ll never have a boring night ever again. For those who enjoy clubs along the beach, numerous beach clubs are open all night long such as the Mai Tai Bar. Owing to the city’s affinity to blues musical genre, music lovers have quite a number of places to visit as well. One of these clubs is the Bank and Blues club. If you're with family and you're all looking forward to a night full of laughs and tears, head on to one of the city’s comedy bars like the Bonkerz Comedy Club. Meanwhile, those who need to shake their tail-feathers will dig dance clubs like the Aqua Lounge and many others.
Daytona also has something to offer the non party-goers too. The city has plenty of natural reserves, artistic sites, and live events to visit. One of the two main historical attractions in Daytona is the Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse; the second being the McLeod Bethune Foundation. There are also a lot of Museums in and around the city. The live performances are conducted year round.

Sea Turtle season
A great time of the year you must not miss is the Sea Turtle Season. During the months of May and October, hundreds of huge sea turtles will surface to lay their eggs on the shore. 60 days afterwards, the beaches of Daytona will be swarming with hatchlings crawling to the water. Take note that this phenomenon has been going for hundreds and hundreds of years. So, if you take part in it, you will have taken part in a natural ritual that has been going on since history can remember.

Apartments in Daytona
Now, if you have already decided to move to Daytona, it's best that you check out the countless apartments in Daytona beach. These are just some of the prime areas in the city where your days will be met by the lovely sea breeze, the soothing cackle of the waves, and punctuated by a no-less-than gorgeous sunset. Sounds like a move to paradise, doesn't it?

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