Monday, August 26, 2013

Live Sounds

I saw you two coming together,
Lion Camp, San Diego Safari Park
excited of what to come next, I stayed. For a while, I thought your eyes were speaking strongly of affection. Was I dreaming? Then, I heard you two exchanging loud noises into the air. Were you both speaking loudly of your mutual admiration? Or were you exchanging brawls?
Your live sound surely attracted so many people. Others came in running, to check what is going on. It was sure like watching a live concert. The growls were like amplified in qsc live sound, powerful, penetrating into our hearts, into our minds, but never blowing on us, never a pain to the ears! Ah, I could hear the drums rolling, guitars playing, as layers of vocal harmonies were sent into the air. Oh, how happy that was, seeing kids around asking so many questions as they too join in harmony of playing unbelievably growling but yet so soothing music, THE PET SOUNDS, live sounds!
the King
But then, after that excitement, you two separated. The king seemed to be rejected by the queen in their playful brawl. Releasing frustration, the king belt out a very powerful sound. Ahhhh, the live sounds of breathing in....breathing out! Poor King! Whereas the queen, at the other side, was like making a statement!
The Queen
Oh, the queen's music, was so soft, it was like calling out to the hearts of everyone in the audience. Soft, but perhaps more powerful than the king. Telling the King,
"you may be the king Izu of the jungle, but I am the QUEEN! The King in your heart!" And perhaps, that sent the king to dreamy land, to play with the Queen, and to be the King in Queen's heart.
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  1. Oh, Betchai, I LOVE this post. Your story and the photos are priceless.

  2. I love the story behind the pictures, perfect!

  3. That is a nice way on interpreting their actions, complete with pictures yet.

  4. thats a royal company you got there...

  5. Oh the dreamy longing king makes me smile....even the fiercest have a soft side....I can hear the melody in their hearts :)