Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Chantal Royer: Foods and Adventure

If you are one of the many that considers food to be an important interest in your life and it involves more than simply eating, you will relate to the life of Chantal Royer. As a well-known and knowledgeable foodie, she is also an experienced traveler who has been throughout the world. Her travel experiences include visits to North America, South America, numerous countries in Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. In each country, she has visited and experienced the finest restaurants, such as the Greek tavernas to be found in Melbourne. Of course, she has explored the United States, including the major cities from the east and west coasts and in the Midwest. Her quests for exceptional dining experiences have taken her to Detroit, Boston and many other of the primary metropolitan areas. She has a primary interest in restaurants that provide authoritative Italian and Greek selections. In each city visited, this discriminating gourmand finds unique offerings, such as an exceptional pizza on Harlem Avenue and exquisite Mediterranean dishes in an establishment on Halstead Street. Seeking the best of Italian cuisine was her goal in visiting renowned locations in New York City, including those located in the boroughs of Staten Island, Brooklyn and Queens.
Royer’s interests aren’t limited to sampling the food offerings during her travels. A priority is always to take time for hiking, meeting with locals, and visiting the main cultural centers and facilities. These interests have found her flying into the Canary Islands, climbing in the desert mountains of in North Africa, and soaking up the traditional offerings in the heart of Casablanca.

In this age of foodie celebrities, Royer has invested years in the process of acquiring knowledge of worldwide dining favorites and habits. This provides her with the insights and abilities to discern normal restaurant fare from that which is prepared with the hand of true masters. For those who value food as a near art form, what she shares resonates as the product of a lifetime of appreciation of the finer aspects of the culinary profession. As her trips expose her to an increasing number of the nation’s and world’s food delights, her followers are able to vicariously share in both the dining experiences and the ability to place them in the context of the locale and ambience of many exotic locations.
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