Sunday, August 04, 2013

6 Workouts To Put on More Mass

So, you are getting ready to hit the gym with the primary goal of increasing muscle mass. You are looking for good workouts that produce great results. This article will introduce you to six workouts exercises that will increase your productivity in the gym, but first there are couple of things you should know going into your training program.

One of the primary reasons that people fail to achieve the results they are looking for in the gym is the lack of preparation and insufficient knowledge. There is no arguing with the fact that work has to be done in the gym in order to achieve results, but what few people understand is the fact that all of the physical effort in the world means very little if the effort is misdirected. Far too many people simply grab their gym bag and head to the gym to go at it. Understanding things such as proper nutrition, the right exercises and rest times, the importance of recovery and rest (sleep), and more is vital to the success of your program.

As far as nutrition is concerned, you will need to focus on two primary issues; protein to support the muscle recovery and testosterone to facilitate it. Without protein your muscles don’t have the fuel they need to grow and without testosterone there is nothing to stimulate the growth process. You will need to build a nutritional program that addresses both of these issues in detail. If you don’t have this element addressed, then your gym workouts will have minimal effect if any at all. There are plenty of resources to help you in this area.

Once you have dealt with the nutritional issues, there is something else you need to understand about resistance training for the purpose of building muscle. Isolation exercises have very little benefit as far as building mass is concerned, unless you are extremely advanced. Don’t waste your time on these exercises. There are more efficient ways of training and getting much better results.
Actually performing multi-joint compound exercises with free weights will allow you build size and increase strength at a much more rapid pace than isolation exercises and with a lot less time in the gym.
Below you will find 6 awesome workouts that are great mass gainers:
  1. Standing overhead press – This exercise works multiple muscle groups including the shoulders, traps, triceps and forearms. Because you are standing when you perform this exercise, your body is also recruiting your back, abs, and legs. This is a highly effective way to increase mass and strengthen your core all at the same time.
  2. Inclined press – the inclined press recruits the same muscles as the bench press (shoulders, triceps, and pectoral), but it does it from a different angel that confuses the body and increases muscle mass to facilitate the body’s ability to handle that exercise.
  3. Safety bar squat – The squat is an unbelievable muscle mass generator because it engages the largest muscle group; your legs. I choose to use the safe bar (smith machine) because it reduces the chances of injury. Unless you are a competitive athlete, the risks of free weight squatting outweigh the benefits.
  4. Partial Range Dead Lift – This is a great muscle builder because it keeps the body in tension through the exercise, which is beneficial to gaining muscle mass.
  5. One arm dumbbell row – This is another compound multi-joint exercise that has an immense impact in the quest to build muscle
  6. Standing Row – Again, this is an exercise that recruits a number of muscle groups for execution and balance. Results can be visible in as little as two weeks.
All exercises should be done in a formula of 3-4 sets with a maximum weight that only allows 8-10 reps per set, with a 30-60 recovery time between sets. Also design your workout to insure that you spend no more than 45 minutes in the gym per work out. Alternate days with each muscle group.

About the Author:

Stan Goodwin owns a kayak company based in Shell Beach, CA and is also an istructor for the American Canoe Association.
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  4. These are the things that my husband always tells me. He goes to the gym, I do whatever, at home lol.

  5. And don't forget to eat as well if not where does the "mass" come from. :p

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