Monday, July 22, 2013

Top 3 Summertime Safety Tips

Did you know that more crime occurs in the summer? Yup, it’s true. Studies have shown that the overall crime rate increases by 10% during the months of June, July, and August. There are several possible reasons for this, one being that time off from school or work leads people to venture out of their homes, often for extended periods of time.
This may sound scary, especially to all of us who look forward to enjoying this warm weather holiday. No one wants to spend these precious months worrying about crime rates, and what may or may not happen to them during this time. Luckily, you don’t have to be too worried, because there are plenty of ways you can avoid becoming a victim of some low life’s summertime crime spree. Check out the list below for three summertime safety tips for ways to steer clear of criminals during these months.

1. Lock Your Windows When You Leave The House

This may sound extremely undesirable seeing as how the summer can often bring ridiculously hot temperatures, but leaving your windows open while you’re away is a very bad idea. See, burglars are well-aware that many people leave their windows open or unlocked during the summer in order to circulate air throughout their homes. To them, this is basically an invitation, and they’ll be the first ones to pop in your open window and rob you blind.

2. Don’t Announce Your Vacations Online

No matter how badly you want to rub your summertime vacation in the faces of all your social media friends—don’t do it. By announcing your vacation, you’re pretty much advertising that your home will be empty for an extended period of time. Burglars and other crooks lurk around social media sites looking for updates like this as a way to plan out their next target. So the best thing to do is keep your awesome getaways to yourself until you get home. Then you can post the pictures to make everyone jealous.

3. Tread Lightly With Summer Love

Summer love is a cliche as old as time, but you know what, it’s still just as true as it ever was. Short-lived romances and flings are much more likely to occur during the summer, especially when you’re on an extended vacation, or if you meet someone who is visiting your area from out of town. If you start to get involved with someone you just met, then it’s always a good idea to look into their past a little bit, because in reality, you have no clue who they really are or what they could be hiding from you. They may have some dark secrets, like arrests or criminal convictions, and getting involved with an ex-con is a surefire way to ruin your summer fun!

Better Safe Than Sorry

This is also an old-school saying, but one that is also very true. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially when your safety is at risk. The numbers don’t lie, and crime does increase during the summer for various reasons. By following the three summertime safety tips outlined above, you’ll be sure to avoid plenty of potentially dangerous people and situations. After all, you wouldn’t want anything to ruin your fun-filled summer, right?

About The Author

Tiffany Goldborough is a blogger from Los Angeles, CA. She specializes in writing about trends in criminal activity and ways that you can protect yourself and your loved ones from crime during the summer months.
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  1. Yes, gotta be safe than sorry. Thanks for the tips. :)

  2. great tips, Beth! enjoy your break from school. :)

  3. awesome tips...not announcing vacation on-line is one truly important tip!

  4. Excellent tips. Safety is also the reason I try to stay somewhat anonymous online. Sometimes that's not always possible for a lot of people, but a little misdirection can be a good thing sometimes.

  5. I like all those advise. It is very true that you need to be aware.

  6. better safe than sorry is the hubby's motto. back from PBH :)

  7. These are really sound advice. MY husband would always remind us to lock everything when he isn't home.

  8. I totally agree about announcing it online! Never know who is watching!! Great Tips!