Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Finding Help Through Business Cards

When I was still teaching in Connecticut, I used to spend my vacation days such as spring break, thanksgiving break, Christmas break, and summer break in the West Coast. Since I lived in a city in Connecticut that is closer to JFK or La Guardia than Hartford, I usually chose to fly from these two airports, or from Newark in New Jersey. My reason was very simple, accessibility. It was easier for me to find transportation from JFK or La Guardia to my place in Connecticut. I did not have to worry who will pick me up even if my flight was already late at night. All I did was call Car Service and give them my flight information, then, they would give me the details of the time they will pick me up from home and drive me to JFK or LaGuardia. And on my way back, they are on the set time picking passengers from the airport to their home destination. Once, I had a flight delay because of some landing problems in Dallas, Texas, I missed my connecting flight to New York, and I would be delayed by 6 hours. I was afraid I would not be entertained by the car service for the change in schedule, but very thankfully, they accommodated the changes in my flight without any extra charge at all. I was really very happy and relieved to know I will have a ride home even though my arrival was changed from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm. I am so glad to have found their business card through a friend who were in local business card printers industry. She gave me a stack of business cards she thought would be very helpful for me being new in the area. Thanks to her, those business cards helped me find a a very reliable car service that allowed me to travel stress-free.
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  1. business cards can come in handy Beth. i remember when i went to Switzerland, without my company's business card they wouldn't let me pass through the immigration checkpoint. luckily i have one in my wallet. :)

    1. Now I learned something from you Doc Che hehehe. Quite frankly, I don't carry any business card in my wallet.

      Glad that your friend gave you some ate Beth.

  2. hi there innocent Miss! haha....glad you were accommodated without additional charge! business cards are really of huge help to this day..been planning to have one to give my drug rep friends and nurses to promote my blogs hahaha but still on my drawing board to this moment...have a safe trip back home :)