Monday, June 03, 2013

Nature And Music

Coral Pink Sand Dunes State Park, Utah
"The Earth has music, for those who listen." - William Shakespeare

One thing I love most experiencing nature up close is listening to Earth's music. My mind gets excited with silence, my heart energized, that makes my soul sing. There is music in the wind, creating ripples in the sand. How I wish I know musical notes enough to translate the music from nature I hear into tunes. There is one thing that both nature and music bring me, that is, they both bring me to dreamland of 5% fantasy, and 95% hopes. Somehow, when I am enjoying listening to the music of nature, I dream I am playing a guitar, the music wonderfully amplified by  excellent roland amplifiers. Now, that is the 5% fantasy. :) Haha! The 95% is always for hope, hopes of a more beautiful tomorrow.

Anyway, let me share with you one of my most recent 5% fantasy.

Being out in nature makes me dream that I am paid to hike, paid to explore the back roads and  could communicate with these wonderful animals. The pictures below were of juvenile peregrine falcons taken by my husband. Looking at these pictures, makes me fantasize that this beautiful juvenile peregrine was talking to me ( or hubby, who took the pictures.)

Now, let me share with you the 95% of hopes for a beautiful tomorrow.

Hubby and I enjoying the gift of simple fun such as dancing to nature's beat, singing nature's music, and enjoying our wonderful world at the backroads even we are very old and gray. 
Gaining strength everyday, getting healed everyday, by nature and music!
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  1. Nature provides the most beautiful sights and sounds.

  2. beautiful couples... enjoying life's simple joys, the mountains said

  3. The coral pink sand dune park looks lovely and I enjoyed the amazing close-ups of the Juvenile Peregrine Falcon and the reflections in the last image, Wow!

  4. For me Utah is one of the most impressive states.


  5. you have the talent to get paid :)
    but i think you'll enjoy more when travel without any pressure of writing an article lol

  6. oh am gee, your model looks so cute and I am wishing your dream will come true very soon!! and please when the dream come true take me with you to simply enjoy life's simple pleasures with nature! :)
    P.S. your winged friend seems to be waving hello to us :) hi there pretty birdie! :)

  7. I looked at the photos of the bird and imagine it was talking as if his feet is demonstrating something, lol.. Nothing can beats nature,the solemnity and peace it provides.

  8. Oh the bird is saying hi to you, what beautiful captures.

  9. "The earth has music... for those who listen." Very true, indeed!

    The breathtaking scenes that you captured so well are a manifestation of a great Creator! Just beautiful! :)

  10. magnificent! I love all your photos...that coral pink sand is just amazing!

  11. Love the last phto as if you're walking on waters. Is the falcon giving a High-5. Just thinking. ha..ha..ha.

  12. The last picture was so cute! It clearly shows how much you have enjoyed the place and the moment!:)

  13. Beautiful pictures of nature and as always they are the best photos :-) It looks like that bird(eagle) seems waving his cute :-)

  14. music always for sure will make us feel better! :) the peregrine looks like saying hi...i love the last picture, can see so much happiness and fulfillment in what you're doing! :) have a great day.

  15. By looking at its eyes, I can say that he was talking to you! It's a beautiful photo. Makes me want to take my own trail now.