Monday, May 27, 2013

Unearthing The Chef In Me

     I remember very well my first cook book as a married woman. The hubby bought it for me the first month of our marriage. He said I better learn how to cook or he'll go running back to his mom. That made me laugh hard because his mom lived several steps away from our home, I mean my parent's home where we first stayed. We are one of those "love thy neighbor" couples.

     So, the dutiful wife in me started browsing the leaves of the book and working in the kitchen. I requested for a pot & pan organizer which will make my life easier as well as make me a more efficient cook. The hubby would often call me to tell me he is dropping by with a workmate for lunch or dinner and oh boy I was able to master at least several of his favorite dishes. They are nothing fancy like his all-time favorite chicken curry, kare-kare (stew made of peanut sauce and a variety of vegetables and beef), ginataang tilapia (tilapia with coconut milk) and escabeche (fried fish marinated in an acidic mixture).

deep fried fish, preferably in vegetable oil...

my Escabeche inspired by the hubby's love

water crest soup

our not so healthy fried rice, complete with butter and egg...

watermelon- hubby's all time favorite dessert
     I could say I have been a very good cook for the first two years of our marriage when I was not yet too busy. And yes the hubby has started to grow an unhealthy tummy which I would lovingly chide him to be due to my immensely great culinary powers. We have moved to our own home at the foot of the hill and now the hubby has no problem about getting hungry and craving for a dish even when I am away- my mom-in-law is now living with us and is making my wifey role a walk in the park! hahahaha...I keep telling him he is lucky because I think his mom and I have one of the best daughter and mom-in-law team in the world. 

     May your kitchens be filled with all the nutritious food and your home with love to last more than a lifetime. 

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  1. Your hubby is very lucky indeed! Drooling at all the food here!! : )

  2. haha funny title...unearthing... like a relic from past civilizations

  3. The fish looks scrumptious. So pretty too. I like watercress, but only attempted once to cook it. I don't think what I made turned out good enough for me to repeat. :-)