Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Most Beautiful Wedding Gift

What is the most beautiful wedding gift? Often times, we are struck with this question whenever a friend or family is getting married. We love to give the most beautiful wedding gift that we could think of. I remember the words of "nanay" (my mother) when I was still younger. Oftentimes, she would tell me about the most beautiful wedding gift she had received, which was "tatay" ( my father). She said, she could not forget the day they married where the time was so priceless. It was always her dream, to get married in a very solemn and quiet wedding, where there is no one in the world but her and tatay. Well, of course, the priest too, and lolo (grandfather) and lola (grandmother). She told me that the best wedding gift one could could ever have is the gift of "memory" and the gift of "future". A memorable wedding she said is not something that other people defines for you, it must be what you define for yourself. And the gift of "future" is preparedness, in all aspects.

True enough, there are different ways of celebrating a wedding, and not one is better. Instead, what is best is what the couples had agreed on how they would celebrate the union of their love. Also, people from all over the world, also have different wedding practices, cultures and celebration. Slowly, each culture learns from others, that our celebrations have evolved as well. We have seen a lot of marriages these days that combines the best practices of weddings from all around the world.
What are the traditions of weddings all around the world? Where did they come from? What is the most beautiful wedding gift for a particular tradition? Check out the info graphics below.
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  1. ...Orly and I are planning a church wedding not very soon though...and yes the best gift will come from the ones who love us most I am sure...and they will most certainly be their love for us...these days we are often invited to be primary wedding sponsors and oh yes choosing the best gift for the couple is hard...thanks for these ideas...:)

  2. awesome....
    India also figures there :)

  3. I like the info graph on weddings and traditions. I second that, the best gifts are the memories. When everything else is broken, worn the memories are forever lasting. So the trips and the experiences are the best memories.