Friday, May 17, 2013

The Joys of Boating

my home city by the bay
One of the popular activities in my home city is boating. Being a city by the bay and by the ocean, with numerous inland lakes, boating is one of the major recreational activities of the residents. People that go boating find peace and relaxation from their time spent on water. Spending time with family, friends and loved ones on a boat is one of life's most enjoyable moments. We do not own a boat, but I do feel the exhilarating joy each time we take a boat to go to the middle of the sea  where we experience ocean wildlife differently than when we are closer to the shore. It is inspiring for me to know that boating is not limited only to the rich and famous.
Some of the parked boats here are used boats for sale
Sometimes, when we take a walk along the harbor, we find used boats for sale that to my surprise are not that very expensive at all as what I used to think before. I used to tease hubby before that probably we should consider shopping at used power boats trade store so we could have our own power boat, even just a simple one, like in the picture below.
let's take a boat ride to go around the bay and the ocean
The thought of owning a boat actually first came to me when we went to Channel Islands National Park. I was so awed by the thousands of dolphins surrounding the boat we were on. They were enjoying their bow wave ride, jumping, dancing, which I loved to think they were dancing for us.
 Dolphin Following our Boat
 dolphins riding the bow wave
dolphins from afar dancing in glee :)
We actually really for a while entertained the thought of getting a boat, when we learned there are many free boat launching ramps around San Diego. No wonder why so many houses have boats, while those who could afford for boat parking pay for boat parking space in some yacht clubs around the city, where there are a lot of them. 
one of the many yacht clubs and marinas around San Diego
However, we did not want to plunge into something that we will regret later, so we spent a lot more time thinking. We realize there are many things or activities we could not decrease the time doing them if we get a boat, such as hiking. We both know hiking would be our major outdoor activity. Though it would be nice to have a boat when we go deep sea snorkeling or take the boat out for whale watching, however, because of our many other activities, we decided that getting a boat was just a passing dream for us, haha!  
Whales from one of our boat tours along San Diego Coast
If and when we dream to see whales up close in the middle of the sea, we could always just take the whale watching boat tour, and the rest of the year, we could explore the world on foot hiking. We wanted to keep hiking as our major hobby and physical activity. Hiking has helped us to exercise without effort at all, and we love it so much we could not reduce our time exploring the slopes. For those however who finds more happiness exploring the deep sea more often and take boating as hobby, it is really comforting to know that this hobby is not really as expensive as what I used to think. Maybe, because I came from a place where people who own boats are usually only the rich and famous. In my new home city, boating as a hobby could be pursued by average families because there are many in excellent condition used boats for sale. It's a joy for sure, once you have a boat, you get to experience the ocean and the bay differently. Automatically, the pelicans will be your number one fan. :)
Man on Boat Followed By Pelicans
California Brown Pelican Up Close
Of course, dolphins will follow you too. Who else? Sea lions.....
Man and Sea Lion ( actually, the man was throwing his excess ice on the water, the sea lion thought probably man was giving away fish, haha! )
Dog and Sea Lion 
( saw this curious dog interacting with sea lion in one of the parked yachts at the Embarcadero )
Definitely, there are so many advantages to boating. Maybe, had our hearts not been captivated by the great outdoors in the slopes, hills and valleys, and along the ocean's shores, we might be like most boaters, where we find therapy and relaxation in the tranquility of the sea. For now, i just enjoy an occasional ride in the boat once a while, actually, once a year only, during my birthday, haha! It is my birthday gift always to myself, getting a boat ride to have a party with the whales and the dolphins!! 
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  1. After all the great pictures, that's just an amazing shot of the dog and the sea lion.

  2. These are San Diego scenes so familiar to me...though I haven't visited in a few years now. I really miss cruising from there...and attending forensic conferences in your area. So many of my dear friends live in the area, I MUST try to visit when I'm home from India next time...and I would love to meet you.

  3. With or without a boat, I can see your joyfulness.

  4. A really night read before I retire to bed. How I wish to see a dolphin or a whale. Someday, magkikita rin tayo.

  5. oh am gee, "bluetiful," everywhere! weeee the Dolphins following your boat are so cute! That first photo is such a joy to view...I remember having a poster in my room akin to it during my teen-age years. The dog and sea lion encounter makes my imagination wild as to what they were talking about...maybe they were saying "hey, The Joys of Simple Life is gonna make us famous! :) I would love to have a boat ride party with the whales and dolphins too! :D

  6. wow, you have an amazing encounter with those animals..

  7. Reading your blog takes me into the world of nature and the bliss of it. :) Now, I'm quite confused if I have already seen a dolphin or not but I experienced riding a boat and there were fishes jumping around our us.So I think one of them is dolphin. :D

  8. Exemplary photos! Nature indeed gives beauty too and the most beautiful thing is you have shared it here.