Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sending Souvenirs Home From South Africa

On holiday, it can be very tempting to stock up on all the exciting products you can’t find back at home. Finding your favourite items cut price is always exciting, and lots of people can’t believe their luck and snap up everything they can. However, you might find that you’ve ended up going a little overboard and you can’t fit anything more into your luggage. So how do you get it home?

The easiest way is to send a parcel filled with all your extra shopping home. It can be very expensive to pay for another bag on most airlines, and you’d need to buy another suitcase, so this is a cheaper option that means you won’t be worrying about losing your luggage all through the journey. It’s best to choose a reliable courier company to help you get your goods home safe and sound.

This is a particularly good idea if you buy lots of liquids you won’t be able to carry in hand luggage. Restrictions on fluids carried in hand baggage are extremely strict, and you will be asked to throw away anything which exceeds the limits. This applies to everything from alcohol to perfume to beauty products, all of which will be extremely expensive. To avoid losing your new items, make sure you get them packaged up and sent home as soon as possible.

You may also find yourself enamoured with some of the excellent quality, hand-crafted ornaments and artwork. Lots of furniture and decorative products in South Africa have been created by tribes native to the south of the continent, so you can pick yourself up a bargain to add some African influence to your home with something you can be sure nobody else will have. Of course, you don’t want to carry a big suitcase full of heavy furniture all the way back home, so send this ahead so you can enjoy it at home without making your journey back needlessly difficult.

There are lots of fantastic souvenirs you might want to pick up in South Africa. There are lots of cute cuddly versions of the critters you’ll meet on safari, there are some fantastic gifts to pick up at the main tourist attractions such as Table Mountain and there is some great food you may want to take home. Children will love finding out about all the exciting things you’ve seen and done, so if you don’t want to disappoint them by returning home empty-handed, a little selection of fun souvenirs is perfect.
About the author:

Carly Tenterden is an avid traveller who loves nothing more than exploring new countries and finding new souvenirs to show for her travels
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  1. l Would love to visit Africa one day! and yes to be able to take home goods From there too! the handicrafts sound awesome! .•)