Thursday, May 30, 2013

Music and Parenthood


     Yesterday we brought the kids to a book fair. Our teen age son was so happy seeing so many books. I played as his assistant as I carried his shopping basket from one stand to another. He was interested in mystery novels but couldn't find one that suits his taste. We headed for the history section because he wants to read in advance world history. We chose one that presents a timeline of history. I then suggested we buy a music book because he has been playing the guitar, oh virtually that is because he has a guitar application on his smart phone and I said it is high time for real music wire lessons. He looked briefly at me and said, so are we buying a guitar today too mom? He told me roughly how much it costs and I replied with a smile. He hesitated and said, maybe some other time because I won't have time to play with it yet, I have other priorities at the moment. "Okay then," I replied feeling so proud that my son knows what he wants in life and knows how to prioritize. So we walked on to the science corner and took books relevant to his studies. We agreed to purchase his dream musical instrument when he already has the time to use them. You can say, I was happy to know somehow I am raising him well, and his voice saying thanks as we paid the books was music in my ears.

     May the music of love visit your homes. - Zenserly
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  1. Wow, I think with all the self tutorials and videos one might want to attempt learning on his own - as I have thought about it too- but my progress will be too slow. smiles. Sounds like a sweet boy you have there.