Friday, May 31, 2013

Celebrating The Good Life

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Allstate. All opinions are 100% mine. - Zenserly

         Yesterday, with the hubby and the kids we set off for another road trip. As always with the hubby on the wheel and me beside him and the kids at the back it was one great ride. There was a brief debate as to whose type of music will be played which was settled with us oldies agreeing it would be their stuff playing while we do most of the talking. Shouts of happiness were heard as the kids sang along to the latest hit songs and then there were sighs of disgusts and giggles as the hubby and I swayed our hands and hips to the tune. I loved that look of joy disguised as irritation  in my teen-age son's face as the hubby and I briefly kissed and said "I love you" to each other. Ours isn't a perfect marriage but we are imperfectly happy and contented. "We have a piggy and a chicky," we chorused and glanced at our teen-age son and teen-age to be eleven year old acting like a 5 year old but sweet as sweet can be. Aahhh Good hands for the good life is what everyone needs in a world where bad things can happen yet can not stop us from making our lives good.

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     "We'd buy another car, and you will soon drive, in college you will go to school in a car because we are afraid to let you use a motorcycle," we told our older son. I could see him smile from the corner of my eye and then we heard a chuckle, that of the younger one and we laughed hard because we knew what he'd say. Before he could open his mouth we said "Study hard and we will buy one for you too!" The litany of "study hard, dream high, work hard, keep the faith and do good for others" filled the vehicle. The story of how the hubby and I struggled to fulfill our dreams followed. The kids heard the story many times already yet it was the first time we told them about our first date yesterday.

     Our first date praying inside a church. "Your mom proposed to me", the hubby said and I begged to disagree saying "I was studying, hard, really hard and then your dad insisted I make him my inspiration because I was his, and we did just that, studied real hard that is why we landed in great well paying jobs and then had you in between but not without all the trials of getting sick at one point, jobless at one point but we did our best every step of the way and kept helping each other so now we are living happily ever after.  The kids laughed as we told them the qualities of the woman they should marry one day. "It is a tricky world out there, but go ahead explore, conquer and triumph kids, because nothing can stop you from reaching your dreams as long as you work hard and there are people we can trusts to hold our hands for the good life."

Allstate Good Life, good hands for the good life believe that people live for good, that "the fortunate truth is more good happens in life than bad and that an insurance company shouldn't wait for something bad to happen to do something good. Good hands for the good life, I believe that is perfect in our imperfectly happy family of four.

"All the bad things that can happen in life, they can't stop us from making our lives.... good." What is your good life story too? Would love to hear them in the comment box. Have a good life friends!
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