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5 best animal encounters travelling in South America

One of the most remarkable things about the enthralling continent of South America is the incredible biodiversity among the living of that part of the planet. There is so much variety of flora and fauna that you could travel the continent for months and only see a very small portion of South America's wildlife. If you are going to be visiting South America soon, be sure to pack a good camera and possibly even a spare, because you're in for some of the most amazing wildlife encounters of your life. Following are short summaries of five types of wild things you're likely to see during your South American adventure.


If you venture down to the where the southern tip of the South American continent meets the frigid and stormy ocean, you might encounter penguins as far as the eye can see. The wind-swept beaches of Cape Horn and the surrounding vicinity are a bird-watcher's paradise. Make sure to dress for inclement weather when visiting this region.

The Brown-Throated Sloth

Deep in the tropical rainforests of the South American continent lives a three-toed sloth with brown throat. These whimsical and unusual creatures will be difficult for you to see at first until you get used to looking beyond the lush foliage for their gray-to-beige round heads peeking out from the leaves. Although the rainforest jungles harbor a variety species of sloth, the brown-throated sloth is the type most frequently seen.

The Largest Rodent in the World

South America provides the perfect habitat for the Capybara, which is the largest rodent in the world. Because this species is highly social, they can frequently be seen in groups of over 100. You will most likely see these wild creatures near bodies of water. Adults can weigh up to 150 pounds, and females are generally heavier than their mates. Their diet consists mainly of aquatic flora and wild grasses.

Chacoan Peccary

Once thought to be an extinct species, the Chacoan peccary is a type of wild pig that typically lives in terrain that is mostly hot and dry. The locals refer to them as "pigs from green hell" because of their preference for habitat that most species would not be able to survive in. The pigs Chacoan peccary's bristly fur is brown-to-gray and features a dark stripe going down the back of the animal as well as white patches on the shoulders. These creatures can be found in herds of up to 20 animals.

Pantanal Cat

Many people believe that spotted cats are specific to the continent of Africa, but South America also has them in abundance. The Pantanal cat is about the size of the domestic cat and sports a coat reminiscent of that of the classic African leopard. They inhabit forests and grasslands in the eastern and central part of the South American continent. They are carnivorous creatures that feed on small mammals and reptiles.
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  1. I would freak out if I see any rodents. eww! But what a great list. Thanks for sharing!