Saturday, April 20, 2013

Of Boats and Sailboats

San Diego Skyline 
A change of scenery, from San Diego's nature trails and wildflower fields, to San Diego's city scenery. I actually have not forgotten that I live in this city. Only that somehow, during weekends, my heart prefers to take delight in San Diego's natural features than its city features. However, if there is one city feature I like most in San Diego, is its skyline with boats and sailboats swaying to and fro in water.
Boats and San Diego Skyline
Somehow, there is something about lines of boats and sailboats that makes me feel dreamy, and relaxed.
Lines of Boats and San Diego Skyline
It may not be nature's wilderness, but it gives me that sense of peacefulness just looking at them. Thus, from time to time, I do walk around San Diego's Harbor and San Diego's Seaport Village. What I like about the walk is seeing various water activities in San Diego Bay.
Boats and Sailboats in San Diego Bay
More Sailboats
Sailing, yacht racing and dinghy racing are some of the common water sports in San Diego. Thus, a keen observer would be able to see various types of boats in the bay with beautiful davits. I am often attracted to boats' and davits' design that makes me wonder who are the engineering minds behind these that when I get home I usually search the web for the best boat davit manufacturers that have a long excellent record in the boating industry.

Beautiful Davits on Boats
Davits are common to boats because they are used to lower things over a long drop-off, like launching a lifeboat over the side of the ship. Perhaps, what makes me dreamy seeing these wonderful yachts is the thought that they could bring me to the middle of the sea, or actually, almost anywhere. :)
Because I don't own any boat, I do take sometimes San Diego sightseeing tours in a charter boat, or take a whale watching cruise,
Gray Whale from One of San Diego's Whale Watching Cruises I took
or simply hop in a boat to cross San Diego Bay to go to Coronado island.
San Diego Skyline from Coronado Island
Actually, San Diego is a water wonderland for most water lovers because it offers both ocean and bays. There are plenty of options to explore San Diego seas and bays, and I must admit, despite I live in San Diego, I still have to try sailing and jet skiing. They say, the problem with living in a place with so many options, you get to disregard most of the options thinking they will always be there. Meanwhile, let me leave you with some more city scenery here in San Diego.
San Diego from Seaport Village at Night
Looking Southwest from Horton Plaza
From Horton Plaza Mall
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  1. Hi Ate Beth, musta na? I'm finally starting to blog again :) Perhaps you can tour us around SD when we go there. The boats, ocean view and the lively city is something fun for a shutterbug like me. I missed seeing your beautiful photos and interesting stories.

  2. San Diego is so beautiful, Betchai! I love all your shots, but the boat ones took my heart this morning.

  3. No matter how, I still see flowers in your picture.

    A city life will not be perfect without a flower.

  4. Your city really does have a lot to offer any nature lover. Even though I don't like being physically close to the water, I like living in a city with a large body of water.

  5. If I hadn't picked San Francisco, San Diego would have been my California home, Betchai. I also like Monterey, Carmel, the San Luis Obispo area and the Mendocino coast. I have several really dear forensic nurse friends in San Diego and I visit from time to time - though it's been far too long now. I think it's a beautiful city and I, too, love the sea life, sail boats, etc. San Francisco is much the same and on a nice sunny day, especially on a weekend, the Bay is filled with sailboats or other pleasure craft, both inside the Bay or beyond the Golden Gate, on the Pacific. We do live in a wonderful state, don't we??

  6. San Diego is so beautiful, whether it is your nature shots or city shots. It is absolutely gorgeous.

  7. Your photography skills is very good ms betchai.

  8. Yes, SD is really a nice place. I hope to visit this city someday. It must be very expensive to live there. I can already see.

  9. you live in a city with diverse sceneries Beth, all are breathtaking wala ka ng hahanapin pang iba (haha, sounds like a commercial). like you, i prefer the wilderness than the cityscape.

  10. wow, your photos are stunning, wish to see this place one day too, have a great day Betchai :)

  11. So beautiful! It's like I am also there looking at the scenery.

  12. My sister was once based at San Diego and according to her. Sulit daw ang stay nila roon. The place' great. Love your photos Betchai and Sail boating is a thing on my wishlist.

  13. I've heard good things about San diego but never thought it has ocean and bay. I'm sure people are enjoying every seconds of their stay there to explore the beauty of nature.

  14. What a beautiful city you live Sis :-) Look at those huge and I bet expensive boats to have :-) I always love the water and lucky you for having a beach where you live :-) We only have lakes :-) The city is more beautiful at night especially those lights :-)

  15. From gorgeous mountain to beautiful seashore, you toured them all already Ate Beth, you are one blessed and lucky lady. Love the photos as usual.

  16. With so many things you can do around there, I am convinced that it is indeed a lovely city Beth. I love ocean and anything that goes with it. You're lucky to live there.

  17. Thanks as always for giving us the lovely glimpse on your side of the world, Te Betchai. It's simply awesome! I love the cityscape at night as well as the captures of the ferryboats. JUst lovely!

  18. stunning pictures as always and equally lovely as your others. makes me wish we could visit San Diego someday, looks like it has so many things to offer. :) thanks for sharing.

  19. amazing views in san diego specially at night, you always don't fail to capture the beauty of every place you go to po.

    cheers for sharing these wonderful sceneries :)