Saturday, April 06, 2013

Mavatar: Revolutionizing My Shopping with an iPad


I could shop Mavatar, where I could compare prices

Do you have a favorite store? I actually don't have one, for I am a price conscious buyer. I am not necessarily a loyalist of a specific store. Before buying anything, I would hop from one store to another to compare prices. Thankfully, these days, I do not have to physically tire myself hopping from one store to another comparing prices. Instead, I could compare prices at the comfort of my home through Mavatar,  a shopping iPad app. 
My Mavatar iPad App Screen Shot
I was glad to find out about Mavatar because I could shop through different stores at only one stop. Mavatar supports most of the stores that sell high quality items such as Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, Saks 5th, Macys, Banana Republic, Gap, and a lot more. The mavatar app extends my capabilities for comparative online shopping from these multiple stores with one smart and personal cart. It makes my shopping a lot easier too.

For example:

Example 1: In the picture below, you will see a blue striped Tory Burch bag that compares selling prices from Bloomingdale's, Neiman Marcus and Cusp. It also shows comparison with Mavatar Price, and how much savings I get.

I actually first saw this bag at Bloomingde's here in San Diego. It look so sporty which I really like. However, I had to control my impulse from bringing the bag to the cashier. I wanted first to find out prices from other stores. Even though I am a hiker, but I am a lazy shopper. Instead of walking from Bloomingdale's to Nordstrom, or Neiman Marcus, or Saks or Tory Burch, I took my iPad, and let Mavatar do the price comparison for me. As you can see, for the same bag, Bloomingdales is cheaper than Nordstrom and Cusp, but the price thru Mavatar is cheaper that will give me $83.74 savings if I shop thru them.

Example 2: I know it's time now for me to have a new Mephisto Helen sandal, a shoe I have tested for years to provide me that excellent high arch support. I could walk with it for hours, and my feet do not complain. In Mavatar, all I needed was to type "Mephisto Helen" in the search bar, and I have these options.

Now, I have different styles of Mephisto Helen sandals to choose from. All I need to do next once I have settled for the style I want, is add it to my cart, and let Mavatar compare prices for me. Shopping now looks so easy.

Example 3: I do not have much time to look around for thousands of bags online. Instead, I use Mavatar's search bar to search for me the kind of bag I wanted in mind. I know I wanted if possible a Tory Burch light blue sporty bag. I typed in Mavatar's search bar,  "Tory Burch blue", and well, look at what I found!
Ahhh, so LOVE the above blue drawstring bag! Shopping really has become easier with Mavatar, after finding an item, I could shop Mavatar comparing prices of this bag from different stores.

Mavatar is a one cart for smart comparison shopping, revolutionizing my shopping these days. If you have an iPad, it's worth trying this free smart shopping app.
It has thousands of items for home, for your kids, for men and for women, where you could compare prices the easiest way.
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  1. hi there Betchai! oh wow! you most certainly teased me with the "bluetiful" bags hahahahaha and the sandals reminded me of our endless shopping mall walking one sweet day last December haha, gee thanks to technology shopping for great items has become easy! :)

  2. I love the idea that you can compare the price as well.The bag is so attempting,I will check this apps,Betchai