Sunday, April 14, 2013

Chiropractic Care Towards Less Pain

Looking @ The Rays of Hope
Looking at the rays of hope....hope for a pain free life.

Since childhood, I had suffered from migraine which had affected my activities. How to deal with constant bout of migraines was my dilemma before. Though it may appear to others I am 100% healthy because I often post pictures about nature wandering, but the truth is, nature is my refuge. It is when I am out in nature that I feel less pain. Also, life's beautiful experiences for me happen when there is no cell phone and internet connection. It is when my mind is not distracted at all that I am able to see clearly the boundless opportunities and simple joys in simple life. Thus, I go out to nature whenever time allows, to get some healing.
Sun Rays Bouncing On the Walls of Antelope Canyon
A few months back, with the encouragement of my hubby, I started seeing a chiropractor to help me manage my pain. I started with 3 times a week session, then, as I got better, it was changed to two times a week, then, once a week..... and now, I am seeing chiropractor only once every 3 weeks. I am not saying I am totally 100%, but I can say I have less migraine attacks. I also get to know myself better.
Hubby sees also chiropractor, but his is more work related. His ergonomic coach advised him to see a chiropractor to help him manage the pain on his hands and elbow, which could be due to prolonged use of computer at work. At first, his physician thought he may have carpal tunnel syndrome, but thankfully, after x-ray and more detailed check-ups, he was diagnosed free from it.

What I learned about our visits to our chiropractor is that chiropractic care is more than just making the pain disappear. It is about helping us learn, understand and take care of our body to improve our quality of life. My chiropractor teases me if he could feel I am tight, meaning I failed to do my prescribed stretching exercises. He motivates me to take a more active and responsible role in restoring and maintaining my migraine conditions.

These days, if I feel some pain coming, I am quick enough now to do my neck exercises and use ice compress on my neck, which I find to be very helpful in relieving my pain. Aside from neck and back exercises, I do a lot of stretching exercises as prescribed by my chiropractor.

Aside from migraine and work related bone injuries, chiropractic medicine are able to help patients suffering from sports injury and some other chronic pain. Finding a chiropractor who applies the most current techniques and approaches to addressing health problems can be very challenging. Some key factors to consider when choosing a chiropractor:
1. The chiropractor clinic has been around for so many years and had been known to provide quality and caring service.
2. The staffs are friendly and caring.
3. Have the most updated facilities to examine and diagnose patients fully.
What can I saw about my health improvements so far since I started seeing chiropractor more than 6 months ago? I am less of a "walking medicine cabinet" now, haha! I still have some medicines in my purse, but they are mostly for allergies and asthma, but I have been enjoying a life with less pain these days. Living in less pain is one of the many blessings I am so thankful for these days. A life towards less pain, is for me, one of "THE JOYS OF SIMPLE LIFE."
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  1. that's my dream also, a pain-less life. i also suffer from migraine and slip disc too. there are good days and there are terrible days. Maybe i should see a chiropractor. I've read once in a migraine forum that you're less likely to have migraine when you live above the sea level. hence, when you're up in the mountains, you're less likely to have migraine. not proven, but makes sense.

  2. I have a great chiropractor. They are definitely beneficial!

  3. My husband's best friend is chiropractor so we saves some bucks of seeing with him. Its too bad that we move and now we pay extra.

  4. ...and here I am wishing you a totally pain free life! I don't usually take medications for pain....not that I experience pain often though...and yes there are exercises we could do to keep ourselves comfortable...thanks to your chiropractor for keeping you fit to share with us the Joys of Simple Life...:)