Friday, March 15, 2013

Traveling Safely with "Barky"...

Meet another one of our family dogs "Barky" on one of our walks by the beach 
"If there are no dogs in heaven, when I die I want to go where they went."
-Will Rogers

     I certainly would want to follow a dog's path! Why not? They seem to know how it really is to have fun! While many of us worry about getting cheap auto insurance they spend time just rolling over sand, scratching with their paws and smelling the breeze! Look at Barky here having all the time in the world to marvel at God's creation.
Comfortably staring at the ocean and lying on sand I wonder what Barky must be thinking. 
Rolling over oblivious of everything else I feel his contentment. 
and then slowly he tries to get up
and walk again...I wonder what he wishes as he stares at me...
       That stare makes me think of taking him on our road trips during the kids' vacation. Searching online I find great tips for traveling with one's dog like making sure one's dog is well fed before and during the trip and ensuring a well equipped vehicle for their safety by having the necessary equipment to secure them like spare leash, carts and car harness because accidents could happen when they are not secured and made comfortable inside the car. Taking this into consideration  it is a must to find the cheapest car insurance for unavoidable circumstances yet the key rule is to prioritize safety first. It is likewise advisable to compare car insurance  to have peace of mind during our journey. I've delegated writing on our dog tag our phone numbers one could contact in case our dog gets lost to the kids and they've gladly done it even taking a photo of them beside Barky with their phones they could show to strangers in case Barky gets lost in the wilderness or along the road God forbid. It takes me so many minutes convincing them at times to smile for the camera for me and I really wonder what magic there is in Barky's fur and bark that keeps my kids smiling always in his company.

      Our road trip official planning is starting real soon! I am hyped like the kids to have Barky traveling with us! One thing I am sure of, we need a larger vehicle if we want to bring along the rest of our puppies.

          Life is a journey best enjoyed with the company of man's bestfriend. I can not imagine life without dogs, can you?

     I see this road peacefully lined by trees and what do I think of? I think of a wonderful time running along with my kids, the hubby and our dogs! Join us, will you?

~ post by Zenserly ~

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  1. lovely Barky! yes, wishing here I could join you in your next road trip!!

  2. He definitely looks like he is having a good time.